Would love some feedback on this edit!

Hey everyone! I just made a new video with Adobe Premiere Pro and I would like to know what you guys think! Thanks!  ;D

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Nice vid! Loved the feel of it. I would suggest not using that filter though, or any other filter/effect that changes colors that drastically.

Thanks man and yeah I feel it. I just got carried away with the new software haha

Cool video!
Nice job

Thank you! What are you thoughts on the effects?

Good Job! Nice Editing! Are you a beginner at Using Adobe?

ReAlly nice tricks man! The affects were a little too much, personally I think you should have just done a little color correction to make the string pop and it would have been perfect!

My general rule of thumb is to just throw any tack-on effect out the window. Using a camera with good latitude can improve string visibility, but if you must muck around with it, just try to not make it offensive or otherwise out of place.

While most of the shots and transitions were fairly average, there were a few that stood out. In general, the first introductory part could have been executed better, with more intimate shots regarding the drawing and stapler. As a viewer, I feel distant, when I know you were trying to emphasize the action of the paper, hence why you made it such a lengthy part. (Making sure you get a wider coverage, with close, mid, and wide shots, can improve your ability to edit, since you have more to work with, and can decide easily what works best without going back, or abandoning the idea all together.)

The composition of your frame was a bit rough at times, though I’m sure you were giving it no real concern. Since you are including your face, you want to make sure you have enough head room above so you can be better placed in the shot. Also, using the “rule of thirds”, you don’t really ever want to be dead center; our eyes like to focus where certain imaginary lines, splitting the frame into thirds, intersects. Being dead center can be bland. An example for where both went wrong would be the first shot of you throwing horizontal while sitting on the bench, and also the one right after you pull the yoyo out of the drawer, for comparison.

You did do a few shots well, too, though! At 1:51, the over-the-shoulder shot fills a nice amount of space in the frame, and has a nice natural border, consisting of your body and the other things in the room, so most of the yoyoing is over the floor, giving nice contrast. Plus, the jump during the regeneration was executed well. I also like the one in front of the circular saw, since your placement allows the focus to be on the yoyoing, without anything intrusive or flat, like a body, being in the way. The last shot, with the yoyo on the vice, was also nice.

EDIT: Also, I like that you were aware of your timing. It’s much cleaner that way.

Overall, great effort! Take some of these things into consideration and I think you can be fantastic! Hope to see more of you soon.

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Wow! Wonderful advice! Thank you very much! I will take all these things into consideration. I’m Planning on possibly investing in building a DIY glide cam, getting another camera for multiple angles, and a cameraman which I couldn’t find for this one. This was indeed my first edit using Premiere Pro so advice of this magnitude is extremely helpful. I’m looking forward to making a new one sometime!