Is this any good?

ok so this is my latest yoyo video and i wanted to know what you think of it and if there is any ways i can improve future videos so constructive critiscisem is very much apreciated

Thanks Guys  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

The tricks were pretty good, keep it up!

As for criticism, the first shot where it seems like you put the camera on a chair - try to avoid that. It was too far, and I couldn’t really see the string at all.

But other than, awesome job. I really enjoyed it.

Best regards,

Thanks i was just messing around with that for fun but thanks for the advice check out some of my other vids if you want links in my signture :wink:

Any other things i can change?

I agree that the camera on the chair was too far away to see the string (the background was at fault there too), but the tricks are good. One little piece of advice, don’t put more than one throw on one clip; it adds a unedited feel too the video. I thought the title was fitting. With a little more editing, this would be a very good video.

Ok thanks ill make the next one better