Anyone into stanced cars and just dumped cars in general?


I am…

I know everyone won’t understand but if you do then post pics!


Flippin LOVE the idea of a car that I can’t even pull into my driveway or take anywhere that has any sorts of hills or speed bumps. :wink:

Some models do LOOK pretty sharp, though. I want a stanced K-car.


Nope! Functional stance or go home.


A lot of times they are on bags but some people prefer coilovers simply for the better handling. I like both since I’ve had both in the past.


Either way, the builder of the car is simply being a poser. The stance scene originates from the ride heights seen in the racing world.

However, in the stance scene the end goal is not performance, but just a low car. Instead of years of engineering, design, and testing to achieve the fastest times around a track, the stance scene has people trying to fit in and look ‘cool’ by slamming their car to the ground. These are people who will never track their cars, but will instead be wary of navigating curbs and speed bumps. It is quite easy to buy some cheap coilovers and slam your car to the ground with your spanner wrench. Doing so shouldn’t be looked upon favorably.


I’ve been getting into the JDM stuff recently. The scene is pretty big here in the Bay Area.

I have an 07 scion tc and I plan on dropping it a couple inches (probably not coilovers but instead springs) and I’m hoping to add a new exhaust soon as well. I also plan on plasti dipping my wheels this Friday.


I like function and form. I don’t care if someone leans one way or the other. I’m a very visual person so looks matter a lot to me.

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To be fair, most things go from functional to fashionable. Not that I disagree, but calling them “posers” isn’t really fair.


pretty big scene here in the bay area indeed,
i never understood the whole herraflush/stanced ideology, roads are bad enough around the bay, why would you want to go out of the way to make your drive less enjoyable??

to me the whole point of aftermarket moddification is to make the expierence more pleasurable… but if the owners intention is for visual stimulation solely, to each his own. what i find funny is how upset some people get about what others do to their cars…
if none of your own capital is lost, and the individual is happy, whats the problem?
i mean, i just saw a picture of a zebra striped 458 italia on an la road the other day… imo that is a much more criminal act than a slammed ride.

but ive been saving for some kw v3 coilovers for my s2k for a while, need to drop an inch or so…
and on the other end, driving a sports car that is lifted like a 4x4, should be as similarly bad as stance to any true car enthusiast.

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What about “cashing in on their cultural capital”?

Oh wait.


Dropped S2000s are hawt! Post a pic!

Also, I’d like to see that zebra Ferrari! haha Or one of those chrome Audi’s…