Anyone in Sacramento interested in working on show production?

Not yoyo related, but I throw yoyos on the break and I’ll bring my collection if you want to try out stuff! Sorry for the last minute notice, I just found out about this from the show producer/promoter.

Anyhow, the show I work on, 4 techs(not mine) are not going to be there due to scheduling conflicts. Only one of my techs won’t be there but I’ve already covered for this.

Here’s what the show is:
Friday, August 24th, we load in and set up for the 25th.
On Friday, we play a double feature, the Labrynth, and The Lost Boys.
Saturday, the top rated shadowcast, Amber Sweets, performs Repo, The Genetic Opera.

Work detail involves loading lots of heavy gear Friday, and out Saturday. It also involves moving lighter gear, including lights. You’ll need to run audio, data and power cables.

You get to see both shows.

PM or send me a text.

I wish I could help out Chris, but I gotta work!

I wish I could too!

But wrong side of country!

Thanks guys. The good thoughts mean a ton to me!