Any Northern California Horror Fans?

OK, I’m promoting an event I do production for. 2011 is the 5th year for the Sacramento Horror Film Festival

4 days of guts, gore and horror. Special events include live performances by Jill Tracy and dancers. We don’t have bands booked this year. Don’t forget the zombe beauty pageant!

But, I’m promoting for 2 purposes:
1: Of course I want the promoter/organizer to do good, he’s a friend of mine and despite his obsession with horror films, hes a good guy, but then again, so are the rest of his regular gang. I’m the freak, I’m not into horror films!
2: If I go unusually silent this week, that’s why.

I’ll be the guy wearing Studio42 T-shirts, hat, belt, lanyard, wrist band, dog tags and more. Studio42 swap will most likely be available for sale, but I’m not there to sell stuff. I’m there for sound and lighting production. Chances are I’ll have my YYE bag overloaded with yoyos as well as a couple in my pocket for good measure.

So, check it out: October 20-23. See you there at the old Colonial Theater, covered in blood from our performance of Repo! The Genetic Opera on October 8.
Just kidding, we cleaned the heck out of that place!

Sounds really cool! I wish I could go.

Just a bump. I’ll try to bump this daily during Sac Horror Film Fest.

Sac Horror Film Fest, in Sacramento, California, October 20-23, 2011. Get your gore on!
It’s at the old Colonial Theater.]

I’m using a tiny 18 input console this year instead of my normal 76 input.

Come, have fun, see sick movies.

Love Horror

(I don’t but the guy who produces the show does, and I enjoy working with him)