Fall 2011 SacAnime has a MLP panel!

I’m the sound production and lighting company that handles SacAnime. They give me the important events: main events and concerts and ensuring premium sound for those events and the Friday and Saturday family-friendly raves at night.

Just wanted to share some stuff, maybe meet a few of you. I’ll be the only one wearing a Studio42 T-shirt, hat and belt buckle. I may or may not be throwing, as I may be too busy handling sound. I may not be in the room for that one, mostly because I may be setting for the evening concert at the outdoor ampitheater. But, it’s my mics, my speakers, my gear, but NOT my little ponies!

My Little Pony – Friendship is Magic
Saturday September 3, 2011 – 1:00PM-1:55PM – Main Events
The show has gained and incredible internet following, and more and more MLP fans are made every day. Whether you are already a fan or want to know what all the buzz is about, come on by. We will share news regarding the show’s future plans and products, fan creations, generational comparisons, and speculative elements of the community. We’ll also help new fans learn where to go for lots of engaging MLP content, and show some of our favorite out-of-context scenes.

For additional information please visit http://www.sacanime.com. Thanks!

If you’re looking for me, you’ll need to come up and introduce yourself to me. Not because I’m shy or anti-social, but because I’ll be too busy doing other stuff between the rooms I maintain. It’s OK, I can give you 5 minutes of my time and meet later if you want.

See you there or not. I hope to have my new throws with me by then(client payment pending), but I’ll definitely have my DM2 on me almost the whole time.

Bump since it’s in 2 days. See you there, maybe. I’m running 3 sound systems now, maybe having to do a 4th. We’ll see how I survive.

Wrap up:

Anyone go to this? I checked in on it to make sure my gear was working properly, did a walk around the back of the room to check coverage. All was good, the panelists aren’t afraid of microphones.

No offense. I could NOT sit through this. I had two other sound systems to also monitor, plus I’m not interested in MLP.

My main focus was running the concerts. All sound production was provided by me. Even the karaoke room was realized through the usage of my gear.

If I don’t see anything in a few days, I’ll just lock and/or delete this thread. No need to waste space.

Sounds pretty cool how did the whole event go?

It’s hard for me to say. Running the ampitheater PA, main events PA and “panel room” PA kept me busy. So many events! There is quite literally always something going on.

Friday, on top of everything else, the Main Events PA, was also where the concert was held, with 3 bands I like: Akai Sky, The Slants and Eyeshine. After the concert Friday night, the FOH equipment was struck and moved to the ampitheater and set-up. A smaller mix position was already in place at Main Events(also my gear) for the rest of the convention. After the Friday concerts, I had to swing things over so the smaller mix position could handle the rave. Just a few cables to swap, no big deal.

Saturday, all day events, including Cosplay Masquerade, which I missed entirely because I was setting for Eyeshine and The Slants. After the Cosplay event, my lighting trees had to move to the ampitheater. After the concert, they had to move back to the Main Events for the rave on Saturday night. After the concert, the entire ampitheater was cleared and loaded back into my truck. The MC for the rave chose to use my wireless mics for Saturday night’s rave, but he and I are cool and I always encourage him to use my mics. I’m not into the rave stuff, but he is, but we are both of the same mind of best quality for the guests, so we work together really nice.

Sunday is more mellow as far as things are concerned. 2 PA’s to run.

From one perspective: I am not into anime, so this is work. I gotta slog through a lot of stuff that is of no interest to me because I’m not into anime, because I want to work with the bands. I will say they do these “character panels” which are always “dorky”. However, the main events room gets the primo panels, and the anime voice over actors always have good and funny stories, so if you’re into anime or not, it’s good stuff. However, there’s this one group that is doing their own anime and voice over, and they do HORRIBLE advise on their panels consistently. They are more into mic modelling, and let me tell you, that stuff doesn’t work. But hey, I’m a sound guy, I know my crap. That group knows nothing of mic and pre-amp combinations to find what is right for an individual. But it shows the sad state the industry is heading in with the next generation.

There is always a cosplay panel, in addition to the big cosplay event. Autographs, pictures, artists, a big vendor room(which I haven’t had time to go into for the last 3 conventions), karaoke, meet and greets, they loaded the convention. Although I’m not into anime, I live for the concerts. Even so, if you aren’t having a good time, then you’re simply looking to not have a good time, and if that’s the case, why do you even go?. They worked me like a dog, but that’s fun to me, despite not seeing much of anything except sound check and concerts since I have to run those.

The event promoter/organizer puts me up in a room from Thursday through Saturday night so I can stay on property. This helps me a lot by not having to worry about driving and traffic, it lets me focus on keeping the fans happy. The programming director and I get along fantastic. The cosplay organizer is amazing and keeps stepping up what she does each year, not only for her own cosplay, but what she handles for the event. Security, while may appear to be a bunch of big, dumb guys, are NOT dumb. These guys and gals work their butts off and really help ensure a smooth event year after year with incidences being minor and very few. Without security maintaining their high profile and mostly being passive, it maintains a calm and friendlyt environment the whole time. My crew, while they did make some mistakes, was amazing in what they did handle considering their overall newness. One of the other guys, not sure his exact role, but he definitely liasons with the talents, once again, did a fantastic job. The rave MC and his DJ team keeps the rave flowing and pumping, reads the crowds and changes to meet the mood of the show. The bands were great and I have CD’s from all of them this time.

I think, as per typical, another fantastic SacAnime. Yes, there’s going to be some issues, some things that can be done better, but that’s always the case. The organization learns, grows, responds and improves.

Sounds like you really enjoy your work. I hope I can find a career I enjoy. C= (I’d like one that I get to meet a lot of people like in your case.)

I got to work with a former Power Ranger. Johnny Yong Bosch, his band is Eyeshine. Also does voice-acting/anime voice-over work. All I can say that himself and his band are a class act and very talented together and as individuals and I enjoy very much to work with them in the near future. I wish I had my FOH rig still set up so I could have recorded their musical Q&A panel. The funny thing is the convention staffers were talking me up to Johnny before he came in Winter of 2011, so he knew who I was. Kind of a flip flop for me. Normally I know who they are. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, check them out. They put on a good show. They have appeal far beyond just anime conventions.

The Slants did an acoustic set on Friday for their panel. Very nice and intimate. Their normal music is more electronic rock, but this acoustic set showed they got chops. Another very cool set if individuals. that I also look forward to working with again. Not to pat myself on the back, but mixing them now four times(2 times in Winter 2010, 2 times Summer 2011), their live show is so much more dynamic than their CD. Of course, I’m a great engineer, but them being a great band is more critical. I don’t have to do much. Throw up the channels, balance it out the mix, make a few tweaks to their preferences. They got a guy who acts a lot like their tour manager and their tech, who was massively helpful for getting the sound exactly as it should be. Again, like with Eyeshine, they have appeal far beyond anime conventions and would make a good opener or mid act. For a festival show, they could headline. They are the type of band that I wouldn’t mind working closer with in order to develop a lighting show worthy of their energetic performance.

Akai Sky is a j-rock band(Japanese Rock). Their CD is OK, but their live show is so much better. While they sorta rule the convention circuit, I could see them being a decent opener for many types of acts. They got enough material for a 45 minute set and I bet they have more in their back pocket waiting to be refined. I’ve been mixing them for 4 years and I look forward to them each and every time. They may just be a stripped back 4-piece, but they got their stuff together.

I definitely love what I do. I wish everyone could enjoy what they do as much as I do. I definitely work intimately with many celebrities, both big and small. No regrets.

It is a shame some people don’t have careers that they enjoy.