See you at SacAnime. Or Not. Lastly: Bye!

OK, I’m heading out the door in an hour to handle sound production for SacAnime at the Sacramento Downtown Convention Center.

If you run into me, then great. If not, you don’t.

After that, I’m taking a leave from YYE, at least the forums. Not sure when or if I’ll be back. If you need to contact me, you ca figure out how to best go about it. But if you’re going to send PM’s, please use a subject or my mail server is gonna crush and nuke the notifications.

I had a big thing written up as to what’s going on and why I’m leaving, but I figured “no, why bother. It ain’t worth my time”. You don’t want to read it anyways and it’s not yoyo related.

Yeah, last post is short. Hope the shock doesn’t kill anyone. I’ve also locked this thread as I’m not going to be reading any discussion regarding it anyways.

So, with that being said: Bye.