Ramblings from the last days

Well I’ve been busy doing lots of different things lately, and I’m in the sharing mood.

This summer I got a call from my sister saying that they might need a “sound assistant” at this production she’s working on. The production she’s working on is pretty big dance-show in the Peer Gynt festival (a festival based on the “dramatic poem” by Ibsen). I ended up dropping the lawn-mowing job I already had and went into work where I really like working; entertainment. It’s a HUGE production. A stage has been built in a river-canyon (like actually IN the river). We got well over 100k Watts of lighting going on. There’s a zipline going past the stage. We’ve had some 3d mapping done of a rock wall and some crazy cool 3 animation is getting projected on that wall. On top of this, we have a guy who was on Superhumans doing insane balance-tricks.

“Sound assistant” is a very vague term. What I’m supposed to do is to run the music during rehearsals while the composer is busy doing other stuff. This means that as long as the composer is controlling the music, I’m there for company and coffee-runs, which is about 70% of my time. The amount of “free” time I have gets used to doing jobs that no-one else has the time to do. This is stuff like making sure the waffle-batter gets to the foodcamp, making sure props are in their proper place and cutting out lampfilters. In general, I have a lot of free time for yoyoing (and eating waffles).

I’m working with a lot of professional aritsts here. A composer who has made music for national TV, professional dancers with years of education and experience behind them. It’s awesome to work with these kinds of people, they make me realise what can be done with some dedication.

Now I really don’t like “flashing” my yoyoing in front of such talented artists, but I love yoyoing, so I yoyo anonymously in the audience area. Most of you probably know that you can’t really yoyo anonymously. You will get spotted. And most of the time, there will be some fuzz about it. These people are artists, so they don’t make that much of a fuzz, but they do notice it.

Today I was finishing up my breakfast with a cup of coffee. While I’m sitting at my table the dancer who’s in the “lead role” plants himself down across the table from me. After he’s found some milk for his cereal he starts talking to me about yoyoing. I’m sitting there trying to hide my shock. There’s this crazy talented guy sitting in front of me. He’s hired in as a lead in a pathetically huge production. While most people are talking about how the first rehearsal went great, he sits there talking about how awesome he thinks my yoyoing looks. I think I have never felt this happy in a long time.

The only worries I have at the moment is my weight going up because of all the waffles and my duties becoming unneeded (which isn’t that bad considering I’m on a contract).

Wonders if this is Studio’s alt… ???

That’s awesome!! Sound’s like a cool job.

i think so too… and since when were you a forum expert (jonask)?

No, not me. I’m prepping for a pair of events at the end of the month. In the meantime, I’m fighting with deadbeat clients who owe me and trying to scrounge up new business.

I also don’t work the European market. I do have active leads that may have me re-locating to the UK, Vietnam, New York or Orlando in 3 years.

WAAAYYYY before you were ever a member. Like 2009.

gosh i never noticed… i knew pretty much every other forum expert…

That’s cool Jonas …I wish you luck in the future.

Just thought I’d pop in with a picture of the stage:

There won’t be any cans of milk this year. They were present two years ago.

It’s a really cool job and I feel priveledged to be here, but it’s not just fun. A normal day of work lasts 12 hours. Because my job is halfway based on going up and down stairs, I end up with some extremely tired legs after each day.

EDIT: There was a name-change somewhere along the line, which very well may be the reason anyone didn’t notice I had that title. Also the fact that I’m not that active.