I apologize for my upcoming period of not being so helpful

As many of you who are e-stalking me understood, I was gone from September 1-4 2011. I was gone doing a 4-day gig. I was off the forum completely and off the IRC channel. No internet where I was, or at least when I had access to it, I was too tired to care after having been on and turning and burning 20+ hours a day(2 of them being 22 hour days)

Well, it’s gonna happen again. I have two major events coming up. I need to focus on lighting design for two shows(october 7th and 8th, back to back events, but different events, same promoter, same venue, same gear, just 2 different productions), and then a 4-day horror-themed film/art fest(SacHorrorFilmFest, now in it’s 4th year). So, as a result, I’m going to be making myself scarce best I can to focus and concentrate on getting the tasks done that I must get done, which, in this case is lighting design. Audio is already handled(by me). Lighting requires programming and timecode as well as possibly acquiring a new laptop and taking on additional tasks.

So, if I’m not prompt on getting back to emails, PM’s, phone calls(you can call me), text messages(please ask first!) and other stuff, please understand, I’m just focusing on what I do to make an income. Chances are high I’ll barely be touching a yoyo all this next month, which is sad since I placed a big YYE order and some good BST deals, and it will almost all go mostly untouched until November, and November, I’m taking the family to Disneyland, so there’s a 5-day “gap”.

So, I enjoy hearing from you and interacting, but I gotta take a break and get down to business. I enjoy helping, but I also enjoy my work too. Good thing since I’m self employed. Just be patient with me.

As far as any BST stuff, I’m looking for a Bear vs. Man and a tres leches for sure. Please contact me with asking prices.

Thanks for understanding.

Well someone’s gotta have a life to make up for all of us who don’t. Haha. Good luck with your gigs man! Hope everything goes good!

Good luck.

Your short novels of posts will be missed.

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Why aren’t you a forum expert yet

Since when where you helpful? Jk :stuck_out_tongue:

probably his lack of experience as an actual yoyo’er, so his facts might not be right. Not saying that as a bad thing, since you are fairly new, just that there are many helpful people who have more experience

He might not be a yoyo expert quite yet, but his experience and lessons on life, business, and design are hugely important and helpful contribution to this forum. Due time Studio, due time…

or because there really haven’t been any forum experts named for a while… since mrcnja. Anyone notice that the forum experts tend to… dissapear? The only one I can think of that is still around actively is Jayyo…