embarrassing moments with a yoyo


I did a yoyo performance once, and got a knot. I had to unscrew my yoyo and get the knot out, during the show!
has anything like that happened to anybody else?


That’s why you take extra yoyos with you to the stage.


wow, thanks. I never thought of that.


You’re welcome.

I get knots all the time. But since I don’t compete, I just dig the knot out. Of course, I got enough I could go all day getting knots and swapping out, but then I’d be up all night picking knots out.

Don’t you watch contest videos? If they don’t get a knot, they may get a snag or a tangle and rather than waste time fixing the problem, they just swap it out. I even see players who, for whatever reason, can’t afford a set of identical yoyos, so they simply bring what they like the best out for their freestyles.


lol i thought that was common sense.

And what Studio42 said.


I can’t help imagining he was being sarcastic. Like, maybe he didn’t own a backup?


I don’t assume much these days.

After working with a guitarist who never carried spare strings, picks, cables, amp, and sometimes guitar, as well as working with a drummer who doesn’t have drums or sticks or carpet and then having to compensate for these bozos by having to provide everything so I didn’t have to deal with their “issues” of constantly showing up unprepared.

I built a touring-grade electronic drum kit for the drummer, and bought a compete set of sufficient equipment to get started with guitar(guitar, amp, cables, picks, didn’t get extra strings but know where I can get some in a hurry if I needed to). I already had a mini-bass rig for the bassist, a keyboard rig for the keyboardist, and already had all the mics I needed.

So, sarcasm or not, being unprepared is always a bad thing.


No doubt. A guitarist without spare strings (never mind the rest) is nutty!

I might also literally be imagining the sarcasm. :wink:


no sarcasm intended. Just a bad case of unpreparedness.