How many extra yoyos is it good to have?

So in a competition, how many extra yoyos should you have incase you knot your string or something??

Well, I am going to GA States and plan on using 2 for 1A and 3 for 5A. It’s really up to the player. If he/she thinks they may mess up a lot, bring a lot.

It depends on how long the preformance. I usually bring 2 -3 extra back ups with me on stage and that is being way to careful in my opinion. I’ve never had to switch yoyo’s on stage at a yoyo competition I had to once in a talent show but thats it.

So I feel pretty confident that I wont have to switch yoyo’s but I still bring plenty just in case. So if you feel confident hitting your tricks you probably only need 1 or 2


Two back-ups is plenty.

Two switch outs are preferred and what most competitors use. If you have to switch out for a third time, you may as well just take a bow and end your performance.

So that’s three yoyos for 1a and 5a and six for 2a and 3a. When it comes to offstring, bring as many as you can.

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Over 9000, just in case

I’ve never been to a competition, I want to participate in one soon but there’s none near me (NC)

This is what I was thinking. Bring as many as you can, just to really freak everyone out.

If you bring a lot up with you because you’re unconfident, don’t do the tricks.

I usually bring up 1 backup for 1A 2 minutes, and 2 for 1A 3 minutes. Same thing for 1a, but with pairs of course.

1a I bring two. But you don’t wanna end up like the kid who had to unscrew his yoyo because of a knot in the middle of a performance.

Have there been instances in major contests when someone was able to pick a knot out of the gap like with fingernails, specifically when the knot has been already tightened up in the gap and caused the yoyo to fully stop?

2 is ideal, some people bring as many as 5 though, but most people bring 2.

I would say 2 is the perfect number

Almost certain it’s against the rules to unscrew your yoyo or use an object to pick a knot

I used my fingers to unpick one once. Took 5 seconds. But I still wished I had just switched throws.

It’s not. You could take your yoyo apart, put on a new string, put in new pads, and lube the bearing on stage if you really wanted to. You’re just losing massive amounts of time, and therefore points.

It’s always better to just switch that try to get knots out. Especially if you’re nervous on stage, as your shaking fingers will not let you get knots out.

That made me laugh.  Yep, it’s legal to do it.


Poor kid…

That’s me lol