Competition set...

I have never competed or gone to a competition and was wondering do people actually use a “competition set” of yoyos, 3 of the same. Can you use any three different yoyos you would like or do you have to use three of the same? Can you have only 3 or less?

Any ones you want but you should use similar throws so you dont have a sudden change of play when you switch

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I use two GN Yoyo Co Phoenixes first and then a Cliff. If you click on them you can see that they are very similar.

I would recommend using two (or more) yoyos that are similar in size and shape.

My competition set: whatever yoyo I feel like using today
2. A yoyo I know that can handle the tricks I will do
3. Whichever one I was also using today.

So yeah a competition set would can be three yoyos that are the same or they can be three different yoyos that feel the same. It doesn’t have three but if your really having to switch yoyos more then that you probably are having a bad day.

I don’t really compete im not into that side of yoyoing very much, but i do know that those yoyos should only be used as backups if you cannot continue throwing the yoyo your using. First you get penalized for switching yoyos and second im pretty sure theres a rule that if you stop throwing for a certain amount of time its a deduction.

Personally I just use whatever I have in my belonging. So far it works.

I just use yoyos that spin long

It is recommended so you are used to the same yoyo when you are doing your tricks, but it is not mandatory you do so.

Just bring up whatever yo-yos you are comfortable using, they don’t have to be the same.

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There are no rules; there are, however, good practices.

Eric Koloski is awesome cuz he know how little a change of yoyo makes; he often brings up multiple different kinds of yoyos.

Note, I’m not attacking the idea of bringing the same types of yoyos on stage. I personally do that. I’m just saying it really isn’t that big of a deal.

This is very true ^.

As to how many you bring on stage, I bring 2 or 3 backups.

If you’ve never competed, then the backups you bring are going to be the least of your worries. More likely nerves and lack of experience will hurt you more than a poor choice of yoyos.
By the time the choice of backups starts to matter, you have enough experience to make that decision.

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