Choose your Competition Set

Imagine this, tomorrow is ‘Worlds’ and you’re competing. What would your competition set of choice be?

A few quick guidelines:

1. 3 or 4 yoyos (one to play and 2/3 spare), they don’t necessarily need to be the same, although most people choose them to be so because switching to a differently playing yoyo mid-routine probably isn’t a good idea.

2. This isn’t an “in an ideal world” where you’re still in school but would choose 4 Anglams or 4 Dazzlers, but you, right now, with your current finances and the current level of yoyo availability.

Personally, I’m still undecided. I’ll post up my answer after I give it some more thought but I’d love to hear yours. :slight_smile:

Well I finally got my EightySix-400 yesterday :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: and HOLY MOHLY it’s goooood, so I could easily get another 2.

BUT it if were going to be Worlds, I might splurge on a pair of Irony JP’s not that it’s going to do me much good but why not.

I’d ask I a ton this Christmas lol.
2 Bapezilla.2s
2 Code2s

A ton if type x, venom, or unknown jackrabbits.

One rockefeller as a starter, one as a backup, and two rexes also as backups.

Shutters all around

Well with my current supliesof throws Id go with my avalanche my summit and my primo

I’d use the Krown I’m getting, and have my stacked Genesis, Leviathan 2 and Quest as backups.

I think the list should be restricted to yoyos you personally own. We have to rely on the honor system here. I’ve also seen people come up with a mixed bag of yoyos all over the price spectrum and materials too.

So, if I had to pick 4, there’s no too many I have enough repeat ones to make a set of 4, and if I had to do that, I would have to go with Classics or DM2’s.

But, if i was competing:
Phenom(Nickel with gold rings)
Phenom(Black with nickel ring)
And if I were to go to 6:
Toss-up between OG Octave, Chief and stock Code 2.

I don’t do horizontal, but if I did, I might swap out a few models. Electric Flash stands out, as does the YYJ Titan 3 to me.

If it was 2A: Unleashed. I got 8 of them, no need to mix it up.

3A: I don’t do 3A, but I have pairs set up with Classics and could do Speedaholics.
If I had to do more, I could use Shutters or get another PSG Gem and PSG. I’d most likely go PSG Gem.

4A: Jet Set(red rings), Jet Set(Grey rings), Jet Set EC, Fiesta XX.

5A: Not much for me here. I have my Destiny with the Takeshi dice set up for it, and a Classic set up for it. I’d probably just set up a few more of my Classics as I find my Pinnacle to be too light for my preferences. Could also use my B-grade f(x).

I would go for my good old burnside, with my summit, chik, and el ranchero as backup.

My summit as my starter, then chief, cascade and my Spectrum. Using Fat kitty string or blueprint x

I don’t think it needs to be restricted to ones that you already own if you have enough money to go out and buy a set. I don’t own more than 2 of any yoyo, but when I start competing I might pick up some duplicates.

OneDrop Chik with Trifecta bearing, and Draken string.


OneDrop GZR Code2, OD tenball, Draken string.

OneDrop Code2, OD tenball, Draken string.

These are from what I already own.

Little confused on what you mean on #2… Like, out of the yoyos I own now?

Well, I dont have any triples or even doubles except protostars for 3a, raiders and unleasged for 2a sooo…

1A- starter: Lunar Wind, backups: Cascade, Dietz
2A- Starter: Unleashed, backups: raiders
3A- Starter- Protostars
4A- Griffin Wing(got nothin else
5A- Starter: Cascade, backups: Sleipnir, Cerberus

(3x) YoYoJam Next Level, Buddha Ripple bearing, IrPads, Blueprint string

(3x) Stock YoYoJam XLR8, Duncan die, Fat Kitty string


And a 4th Wrath. Just in case, right?

Yeah, they are awesome.

Majesty’s…and then more majesty’s…


Summit and



Tre2k13 to start

Well, with your limitations…

A couple Velocities… :’(