Choose your Competition Set

Model 10

IDK, if only I had more m10’s or prestiges

Dm2. Banged up, beaten to hell, smooth as glass.

Superwide, for the lulz.

10 Dollar Trees yepp

All my yoyos XD

C3YoyoDesign berserker W/Trifecta bearing and Unknown Yoyo String Jackrabbit
Backups: Chik W/KK and a Jackrabbit, and my Speedaholic with stock bearing and a jackrabbit.

For 4a, uh… I suppose go bigs all the way if i had a lot. But… go big, rextreme, and then equinox.

Theres quite a few that I could use. Heres the possibly set ups.

Canvas: CenterTrac X, White Snow Tires, Neon Yellow Fat Kitty

BvM2: CenterTrac X, One White Snow Tire one Blue, Neon Yellow Fat Kitty

Yeti: CenterTrac X, White Snow Tires, Neon Yellow Fat Kitty

OG Octave: Ripple, Thick Hat Pads, Neon Yellow Unknown Jack Rabbits

I want a Canvas so bad lol. They look perfect for chill ;D

I changed my mind:

Classics, with flowable and YoYoJam speed Bearing.

Hey, I’m not that good and I can’t do horizontal. That’s honestly good enough for me.

Code 2
Sine // Saw

Classics are awesome at just about anything. Shape is great for horizontal and it’s spin times I long enough to pull off a 30-35 second combo. They are just amazing for the price. Now have to buy a Speedaholic to compare.

Believe me, classic is great at horozontals, for what is expected. It’s my favorite yoyo, and i’m not a “beginner”. I just replaced the bearing with a wide bearing and cbc pads and it’s as good as any plastic yoyo you can think of.


Yep! I have tons of new General Yos, and yet I still find myself using an upgraded classic :slight_smile:

Definitely my yomega glide! Such a nice throw!