How Many YoYos should I bring on stage?

I have about a month old YYF Shutter that I would really like to use on stage. The problem is I don’t want to mess up and have to end my performance so short. I have enough money to buy a new shutter and a new bearing. Will two yoyos be enough?

How many do you need? Are you planning on some to get broken, lost, or stolen? :-\

Two should be enough. If you tangle up more than one you’re probably not likely to place in any event.

I don’t plan on it.

Two spare yoyos or two yoyos in all?

2 yoyos in total.

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Ok, thank you so much!

2 spares. Then just take your bow.

I usually see people with 2-3 spares sitting in front of them on stage. So that is what I would suggest. But like others said 2 spare yoyos should be good.

Ideally. Most contestants leave at most a window of one switch out in terms of 1a yoyoing. So 1 extra makes sense. To be extra safe, perhaps two extras but one should hopefully be enough.

I like the rule to bring as many extras as the number of minutes your fs is. Just in case :wink:

I’m not sure if it’s against the rules or not, but theoretically you could have someone off-stage fix your knots for you. That way, you could safely get away with only having one spare.

1 spare.

Also don’t discount the possibility of continuing with a knot in your string. Is there a deduction for that? I mean, I have buckets of tricks I can still pull off if I have a knot, as long as it’s not an axle knot. If it’s an axle knot and you only have 20 seconds left, just bust out some tricks that will still work responsive!

jhb has it right: if you have to do more than one switch-out, you’re not placing anyhow… so it’s really up to you if you want a 3rd yoyo (total) on-hand just to fill in whatever time remains so that you can enjoy the experience of being on stage (which could be done with a knot, still, as I mentioned!).

It’s a -1 on TEx for loss of control.

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7 or 8 just to intimidate the other competitors and show you roll deep.

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1 spare yo-yo for 1 min prelims, 2 spare yo-yos for 2-3 min finals.

This can be problematic, many contest says you can only use yo-yos you brought on stage. So sending your yo-yo off stage and than getting it back can be problematic.

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Why not only one or two depending on the division and go Hank Freeman style. Only one pair for 2A, 3A, and 4A and only one for 1A and 5A.
Go big or go home pretty much.

Mer? I have 2 shutters you can use for back ups