Anyone here every had a bad yoyoing injury?

About a year ago, I hit myself HARD in between my eye and eyebrow with the sharp edge of a macrocosm, before 2nd bell before the teacher had arrived. It starting bleeding A LOT, but it wasn’t until my classmates went very white and pointed at me that I lifted my hand up to my head. There was blood everywhere, and I just took off, running to the nurse’s office. I just about passed out from bleeding, exhilaration and nerves, but managed to stay conscious all the way to the plastic surgeon. To put it roughly, he had to “fix” a small section of my head. I haven’t heard any other stories as serious as this, but if you have one, please share!


I dislocated my knee on stage for a dress rehearsal for a talent show. For the first 20 or so seconds of my screaming, they thought it was part of my act.

It wasn’t.

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How could they think that’s part of a talent show act?

I have absolutely no idea. I was literally yelling “oh god, my knee, I dislocated my knee”.

You haven’t seen much modern performance art, have you?



I’ve floored myself more than once.

Hit myself in the chin with my chief after a bad bind. Split it open like an inch and bled like crazy. Thought id need stiches but i didnt. Have a scar though. My gums bled too lol

I posted this before, but I did almost the exact same bloody eye brow thing as you with my first run Chief.  Massive blood all over the floor and hands.  Just butterfly bandages to fix it up though.  I’m a nurse and tried to be a man about it, but it killed me.  Still have a scar on my left eye brow.

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I’ve had a yoyo snag high up in the air and fling back towards me like that.  When I did it I missed my head and hit the ceiling fan.

I broke the tip of my finger :stuck_out_tongue:

I have cuts on my pinky from 4a string burn. I have a scar on my eyebrow from a 54 snagging and hitting me. When people asked me how I go it I said " my yoyo bit me again".

Did he died?

No, just looked like this:

Well that’s what he gets for being a Steelers Fan.

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GASP! How dare you! You better throw in the terrible towel in and leave now. Or else I might throw my bad call brick at you…

N8dogg, I hit myself in exactly the same spot today. Not as much carnage, though.

That poor Chief.

Tom Brady don’t need no towels.