Anyone here a LP Underground member?

I was wondering because I was thinking about buying the 2014 all in one cd collection when it comes out.I think it also comes with the membership.There are also things I want to buy from the website but I need someone to tell me all about what benefits you get from being a member and what exclusive content can you get. I’m fairly new to underground and I would like to be part of it.

I just got their new recharged CD and it is so beast, if you like EDM type stuff of course. I got a 30 day trial with it so I may be using it soon haha. Are you a member?

nope I am not a member, and personally I don’t like their album recharged. It’s just not them. You need to hear their albums Hybrid Theory, and Meteora. There are also some good ones from Minutes to Midnight, and Living Things. Recharged is a remix album of Living Things. Just like Reanimation is a remix album of Hybrid Theory (Which I like a lot more).
How did you get a 30 day trial?

It comes with the recharged cd. I know what you mean they are my favorite band. I have all of their albums, but as they have changed I have also changed. Just when I transitioned to really liking dubstep, then they made recharged which was just perfect , but if you are not into EDM like I said you might not like it. I might try it sometime soon and tell you about it.