Anyone have ideas on b-grade?

Hey! I’m going to buy a b-grade nine dragons and I was wondering if that’s a good idea, and/ or if anyone has done that and could give me some pointers on what replacement parts I could get. I have never had a nine dragons before. I do not have enough money for a regular, non b-grade one.


I’m not sure about a b grade 9 dragons, but I’ve purchased several yoyofactory b grades from last year’s batch and I was very pleased. My aluminum dream is dead smooth (even after a couple smacks to concrete), and both my popstars are incredibly smooth as well. Just some finishing flaws on them.
If you go through with it, hope you enjoy it! Happy throwing!

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The 9 dragons is a very noisy yoyo. I have a b-grade from last year and I haven’t needed any replacement parts, but I rarely use it due to the loudness.

Here’s a neat trick you can do with a 9 dragons:


Yeah the 9 Dragons are super noisy. I’m not sure what would constitute one being a B grade. From what I’ve heard even the A grades vibe and make a lot of noise, just the nature of so many moving pieces. I had one of the B grades from last year, it was vibey, but didn’t think it was horrible. Ended up giving mine away, after a few hours I lost interest in it.


The only reason I really want it is because I have some bros that I would like to teach the fingerspin to. What do you think? Is the nine dragons good for fingerspins?

Thanks btw! : )

I see the iceberg in the background:) how do you like it?

And what’s the silver one two below it?

It’s not something you’ll play every day, but it’s fun to mess around with and practice weird tricks since you can just grab the yo-yo while it’s spinning. At the B-grade price, the 9 Dragons is worth picking up IMO.

Not really - the cup of the 9 Dragons is part of the main body (not one of the shells) so there’s no benefit vs. any other mostly flat cupped/bowl-ish yoyo.

The ideal yoyo for learning/teaching fingerspins is probably the Czech-point Pivot or something else in the Pivot line.


For me, I prefer a cup like that in the Puff/Death Adder. It takes a little more finesse as it’s not perfectly locked in, but I find it easier to catch when hopping it around.

The again, I’ve seen people do amazing stuff with pivot-like finger-spin cups, so YMMV.

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Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

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I’ve heard the B-grade Nine Dragons can vary from vibe-y to ball-like wobble. Mine vibes even though it should be considered A-grade. It’s just the nature of having so many moving parts that perfectly balancing the yoyo would be difficult. I have not bothered with tuning it yet, but it’s a blast to play with even if it does vibe.

The Nine Dragons does have a shallow concave and a slight indentation on the hubs for fingerspins, but it’s not ideal. Most of the time it would just bounce off your finger. The only real benefit that this yoyo offers for learning fingerspins is that you can grab and set it on your finger, but even then mine wobbles quite a bit. As @MarkD mentioned, the Czechpoint Pivot is probably the easiest fingerspin yoyo to learn on.

For $15, a B-grade Nine Dragons is pretty hard to beat as a fun novelty.

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Here is the difference. The 9 Dragons make a lot of Noise.

The B grade 9 Dragons emit noises that sound just like a Crying baby.

Just pat em down with a Little talcum powder and you are good to go.