Nine Dragons


So pretty much every contest I’ve been to I see someone selling at least one yoyo with the v5 catch parts. I have the AceYo Kuyostar and it isn’t full body but does just the same. Is the Nine dragons better, or what?


This review is to the point:


^^^^^^ The guy that wrote that review is a real idiot, don’t listen to him. ;D

(Edit: Looks like Ben and Geezer both understand sarcasm and appreciate my hard work. Thanks guys :slight_smile: )


So good or bad?


Your personal opinion on it is all that matters.


He doesn’t have both to compare though, that’s why he made this thread.


Right but it’s still going to boil down to personal preference. Even if you tell me that the nine dragons is better, someone else could come along and say that the other one has better this or that which makes it better.


My son has a Nine Dragons, both he and I think it is a fun yoyo. It is a bit on the heavy side, it is definitely not quiet, but, I think this yoyo really shines as a teaching tool. Being able to grab the shell and change the plane of the yoyo (for example to help someone learn how to finger spin), or to be able to help someone work through a trick by grabbing the spinning yoyo and moving it to the right string is a way we have used it at home.

When it was released last winter, Andre brought one to the DogBite YoYo Club. It was pretty cool watching all these yoyo players coming up with different ways they could use it, coming up with different styles of tricks. Is it a game changer, like bearings, playing off string, or using a counterweight? Probably not…although I thought YYF held a 9 Dragons trick competition at a West Coast contest. I will say that watching the creative juices start to flow when the kids were all playing with it, I did wonder if that was anything like the first time Steve Brown showed up with a yoyo attached to a drilled out die…

So, if I could only own one yoyo, Nine Dragons probably wouldn’t be it. However, being that we have one in the house, it does see its fair share of use. That said, if you can try one out, you should. You may find you like it, you may find that like some others, you don’t. I can’t speak to this being better or worse than other yoyos that have similar design as I’ve not tried any of them.



Then what’s the point of the looking for help/recommendations section? It’s to get the opinions of others about how each yoyo plays so you are better informed to make a better decision. Sometimes there’s not one clear winner but a certain yoyo may be fast or floaty and the other slow or solid, that info can help in deciding what someone wants to get.


I will provide a review free of charge if anyone in this forum wishes to buy me one. I like these colors:
Red w/Silver Acid Wash
Blue w/Aqua and Silver Acid Wash

PM me for my address.


Right, if they are asking for things such as fast, floaty, and so on, not just, “which is better.”


I’m asking does it play smooth for 75$, is it stable, does it die when you grab it.


It is not smooth, but that is to be expected from a yoyo with so many. Moving parts, too many variables to account for. It would need some crazy high tolerances in order to make something like that smooth. One thing that would definitely make the Nine Dragons better would be a weight reduction. It played like a brick at times. The noise I could end up living with and I have always said vibe gives a yoyo character, but sluggish play is something else entirely.


Yeah, I’ll go for the superstar


I would say that is a much better choice. I have not played one yet but I am betting it will give much better performance.




Or maybe one of the basecamp


Moonshine is great, if you can find one.

Outside the YYF camp I would recommend the Benchmark series if you are looking for high performance and low price. Also fitting that bill are the iYoYo HiDRA and, if you don’t mind going close to $100, the General Yo M10.


Well, like most others in here, I don’t have both to compare.  But, I can tell you that Nine Dragons can inspire some new tricks, and allow you to open new doors to creativity.  I don’t mind a throw with some weight to it, and I seek them out, so I have no complaints at all about that.  For me, this was a game changing throw, and I was glad to be a part of it as the consumer/player.  It’s great to see a company try new things, and generate a different kind of excitement.  I think everyone should have a Nine Dragons in their collection, but for those of you who don’t keep a lot of yo-yos around, give it a try for yourself and see how you like it.  There has to be someone at a contest or club who owns one, or a retailer willing to let you try it out as long as you’re careful with it.  I suggest you try it, and decide for yourself.  I love it! :wink:


I don’t have an issue with some weight. One of my favorite yo-yos is 70 grams. That being said, I found that 80+ grams is a little excessive. As I said before, if the Nine Dragons came in at a lighter weight it would be a much better throw.