YYF Nine Dragons

Hey I am looking at getting a nine dragons and I was wondering what you guys think about it.

I will have a review in a couple weeks, I just got one in. :slight_smile:

I personally haven’t tried one yet, would love to though. I’m just going to put my 2 (worthless) cents in.

It’s in the realm of a novelty. Some people like things like that, love messing with different concepts like that, but some people don’t and get bored really fast.
If you know you get bored with stuff like that fast, I wouldn’t spend your time there, however if our love to tinker with something completely different, this is a great yoyo for you!

I would get one personally for one reason. To help others learn tricks. Meaning i can grab the yoyo, move it to the right place, and let go and let them go from there. Very cool for that, but for much else, im not into it for me or my playtime.

i would get it for horizontal play, that thing must be a machine for that