Anyone Geocache?

I just found my 130th one yesterday, been doing this thing since summer and i am so addicted.

If you are totally lost:

I’ve done it once or twice, but never really made a hobby of it. It’s really fun though.

Really… I’m the only one… I would have thought logi would have said something…

I’m at 185 found, started in 2008. But I take it really relaxed, not going on trips just for caches, but if something pop up around, I might go for it.

For example, I think I found no cache during whole 2013 :slight_smile:

I’ve done it once or twice i remember the first time i left a duncan butterfly.

Yeah, i found 100 in two months during the summer, but now ill only do it if they are convenient, im about to place my tenth one though…

ive always wanted to,just never got a chance t do so,plus i dont drive XD

Neither do i, I just bike to them…

you a beast, i had a nice bike one of my little brothers friends came and screwed it all up, avent had one since , i may have to save alil moohlah and get me one for christmas, i lived near richmond so biking was my thing for awhile just a 10 minute bike ride and i was dead in the city moved back to my folks so it was just back to neighborhoods and parks, what site do you use to get coordinates?

Well if im on the go i use my mom’s smartphone, it has an app that shows caches within about .5 of a mile.

But I use mainly, it has the most by far.

I hit 150 two days ago!

Let me know if you want more details, its a very versatile sport.

I found one of these by chance the oher day. A place I’ve been to dozens and dozens of times. Just sitting on a rock ledge lined by logs, knocked a loose log over and there was a hole dug out with a little plastic container sunk into the ledge. Been there a few years apparently.

I found my first one by climbing a tree when I was like 10, it is long gone though, thinking of replacing it though.

Not sure how many me and
My brother have found. We found all the ones in our town on bicycle trips Saturday afternoons.

The app is really useful if you haven’t checked it out.

I have both the app and my GPS. I use the phone to grab the coords when we get one last moment.

Used to do it a lot, now only occasionally.