how did you start throwing

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 I went to Hong Kong (an island just off China) in 2008 and yoyoing was one of the big, viral, popular things there so I got some random cheap Chinese yoyo but it broke and I couldn't sleep with it (don't remember exactly what happened).
 When I came back to Scotland, about a year or 2 later, I found my old yoyo and decided to retry yoyoing again and then stopped again (I think???) so a couple of months later, I bought myself a Yomega Fireball from a local store. My Fireball pretty much started to get old and at the same time, my 2 aunties came to visit from Hong Kong and bought a new semi-responsive yoyo for me. I kept on yoyoing and eventually, bought myself a Dark Magic II from Yoyoexpert which I found online and continued on my journey of yoyoing.
 My DM2 got old and I got back to using my semi-responsive chinese yoyo and another couple of months later, I bought myself a mystery bag in 2012 and then, from there I got another couple of yoyos and got to where I am now. Nowadays, I'm not really 100% dedicated but I focus on yoyoing every few months and sometimes throw whenever I feel like it.  ;D

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well thank you then…

I was big into yo-yoing in the 90’s early 2000’s when I was in junior high/high school. Well about 5 months or so ago I was running a booth at a local marathon sign up when the fifth third bank was handing out brain yo-yo’s. I was so excited…(and after 5 days of running a booth next to the culligan guys…quite bored) I threw that for literally 3 days listening to music and just reminiscing about how much I loved throwing I decided to see if there were any cooler yoyo’s out there.

I went to a local toy shop and got a cheap 10 dollar ball bearing high spin chinese thing which actually was so much fun. Where I work we have a TON of down time, and well all threw it just having a blast. We would have how many around the worlds you could do before it died contests.

I decided to see what other tricks I might be able to learn and figured like everything else google would be my savior. I found this site and it is history from there. I started at the basics and I am now at the masters section. I decided to skip whip tricks for now, but I will get back to them after I finish hard string tricks in masters.

I bought a DM2 just about 2 weeks after I got that cheap aluminum throw from the toy store, and now I have a mystery box Hubstack gen, benchmark O, and protostar.

Love the sport and have a blast doing it.

Soooooo??? Whats your story?

I remember one Christmas, my mom n dad gave me n my bros n sisters duncan yoyos in are stockings. We was having a blast playing with yoyos in '98… 2 years ago me n my girlfriend when to some wacky kids store and they had a yoyo section thats where I bought me a raider and a z pro. I started to buy yos from like toys r us n such but I had to have the best. I ended up buying a monkeyfinger forte. It was the greatest thing ever. Then in 2013, my yoyoing came to a holt when I started to make music with my cuzin. This year I been looking at my yoyo box, and I been wanting to plaay again so I am playimg again.
so I decided I gotta collect the nice clyw yos ;D

It was either late 2006 or early 2007 and back then I was only 12 and I remember watching cartoon network almost every weekend. They started playing a commercial about the 2006 national yoyo contest that featured Aj Kirk, grant Johnson and Doc Pop. Next day I was at a store and found a duncan proyo and I’ve been hooked since.

I got a yoyo one day and learned a few basic tricks… a few years later i saw a video of andre


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Just started my senior year in highschool and had nothing to do after my half day of school. Saw a yoyo in a hobby store a few weeks earlier and it caught my interest. Looked up some videos and thought it looked cool enough so I bought a metal drifter and was hooked from then on.

Dumb old me got a job like two weeks after getting a yoyo so it interfered with my playing. This was over a year ago and I still play with yoyos and have that dumb job.

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