Anyone ever use windex to clean their yoyo?

I have heard this from some people around that Onedrop uses windex on their yoyos before they ship them out. Just wondering if anyone else has tried this and what results they get. Thanks

i use clorox wipes more often. windex works fine, i tried it! makes the yoyo nice and shiny!

I use windex and yes I have seen the One Drop shop cam as they call it and yes they clean them up with windex before shipping. After I remove an old string I always grab a paper towel with some windex on it and clean up my throws. I like to keep them nice and clean :slight_smile: As for letting others play with a throw well then thats a given that I will clean it after that too. Call me crazy but its just me… I also do this when ever I lube the bearing. If the yoyo comes apart it gets cleaned up nice. It works great on my Sov too gets it nice and bright!!

Never seen or heard of this before. I think it would slowly make the anno come off, but I guess not if you guys keep doing it. :confused:

No, it just cleans it.

I just use the old soap and water. and a towel.

I try to steer clear of liquids and just use one of those glasses lens cleaning cloths.