Anyone ever see a Blue Yomega Hyperwarp?


I mean the original Hyperwarp. All I have ever owned or seen were black. They are now discontinued, and this package has a 1998 and 1999 date on it. tim


Yeah I have a blue one back at home sitting somewhere! I got it around '98.


Guessing it might have been a location thing. I remember seeing those back in the day and bought a couple at the local toy stores. All they had were the blue ones. I did eventually buy a black one as part of a package deal but the black one came from the US.


Why would somebody want to look at those. Thy suck.


Collector’s value, and yoyoing isn’t all about the brand new ilyy or od, it’s about having fun, and if old throws is what lets you ave fun, good for you!


And why do you feel a need to criticize something you’ve probably never played?

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Hahaha-buck off.

Hes asking of collectors value, and also, have you played one? I have, and you know what, they aint bad. Maybe not a YYR or something of the like. But it gets the job done, and is a fun throw to own.

Just think before you speak foal.



It’s funny how there packaging hasn’t changed a bit.

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“Don’t try to fix it if it aint broken.” - Tokey


It is kind of hard to open, but that is needed when it is hanging on a shelf at toys’r’us right?