The Forgotten Yomega RBII

Just a quick little topic I wanted to put out there:

so ive been getting back into throwing after 20+ years, and gravitating towards buying vintage 90s responsive… well I found a website that still has a bunch of unopened Yomega RBII’s for like 13 bucks and man ive got to say- what a great yoyo! the weight is a little light, but its such a solid throw for the price. loops great. does string tricks nicely(the starburst doesnt seem to be overly grabby)

why did this yoyo seem to get overlooked and forgotten? it was a great yoyo! but there is essentially almost no info or reviews on them anywhere on the internet.

anybody else here have any love for the very generously priced Yomega RBII’s?

it seems to me that the RBII is essentually just a plastic copy of the Tom Kuhn SB2. virtually identical in shape. just lighter. what a cool yoyo for the money.


Maybe you answered your own question by calling it a copy? I don’t know. I have one from childhood. I had no complaints. When I was a kid, it was just more fun to catch something with some roundness. I did loop more with the rb than any others, but I can’t tell you if that meant anything.

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I never forgot the RBII’s……

I just didn’t find any reason to remember them…

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My first ever yoyo was the Power Spin, which is the transaxle version of the RBII, and i really don’t recall much discussion about either yoyo on this forum in the last couple years since I’ve been a daily visitor. They just weren’t as popular as the Raider and Fireball I guess.

I still have an RBII but somehow it is a half-swapped glow RBII/clear Raider missing the cap. No idea how or why it ended up this way… i guess @yoyodoc is right, this yoyo was forgettable to many.

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