The good old days!

After seeing the topic with listing the yoyo’s in the order of receiving, I had to dig out the old throws in the back of the closet.

My question might not be able to get answered. It is for all of you old school players that were in the boom before the year 2000

I have a 1999 samurai by superyo that is mint. I got it when I was a kid and it was soooo much money for a toy at the time. It is easily surpassed by today’s standards, but it so fun to throw.

I was wondering if it is actually worth something, or it is just a piece of metal. It has a lot of memories and I do not plan to sell it ever.

Thank you for the help if someone that had been around that long can actually that might be a collector to tell me if it is actually valuable.

Thank you!

I haven’t been around since 2000, but I have been around for awhile and know what the Samurai is. I would say yes, it is pretty much a collectors item. And it first was released in 1999… so you have one of the first. I found some interesting stuff on the Nation that might be useful information for you.

So, although it is a collectors item and not really made for modern play, considering the fact that you have an original AND it is mint, I think it’s worth quite a bit- it’s original retail price at least. Since one hasn’t really been for sale recently, it’s hard to judge how much it’s worth, but I would say definitely over the original price, $200.

Hope this helped, and if you have any other questions just ask!

Thank a lot for the quick response!
I am going to look at it closely to see if it has a number.

I got it for a birthday present when I was 8, when the exception that I could only play with it if my dad was around haha

I still have the original string, because I hated how slick it was when I was that young so I played with the cotton.

If someone else has one let me know!

Bump. Anyone have one?

Last time I am going to bump. It looks like nobody really has one, or anymore information that can get there hands on with how many we’re produced.

I looked and saw no numbers, but it came with a piece of paper with some foreign language on it. I will post pics if someone knows something about it.