Anyone ever had this problem?


I play with my yo-yo a lot throughout my day and sometimes when I want to throw a breakaway my arm doesn’t really “listen to what i’m telling it to do” (it’s hard to explain) but when I try to throw it my arm just locks up and it’s nearly impossible to throw a breakaway.

Has this happened to any of you? If so, how long did it take to “go away”?



I think I can relate to what you are speaking of. Sometimes if I wake up very early in the morning and try to bring myself to yoyo I just can’t. I realize this is proboly just because my body is tired but I am pretty sure it is sort of the same concept you are talking about. Please correct me if I am wrong.


yea thats kinda the problem im having but the more i try to throw it the worst it gets… and it happens even in the middle of the day also


I can’t throw when I have just gotten up in the morning, my arm does not lock up but it does throw really weak and kinda lopsided so it is just a matter of waiting for myself to get warmed up, kinda, hehe.

But in your case I have to ask how long have you been throwing because that might just be the problem, experience, but I do know that my arm never locked up when I was first starting…it did hurt because I was using that arm alot more for throwing but that quickly went away.


ive been throwing for about a month and could it be that im trying too hard?


I don’t have that problem.

My problem is that I’m gonna do something, and then between that thought and the throw, I somehow forget what the heck I was gonna do.

Usually, it’s double or nothing and I either end up with a trapeze or simply a breakaway. But, I am forced into an environment full of persistent distractions so it’s often hard to hold a thought for more than the time it took to come up with the thought.


yes! that’s what i mean! it’s mostly with my double or nothing and I kinda forget and my arm just ends up locking up for some reason (i have no idea why, but maybe i should take a break from throwing for about a day)


Yeah, maybe a day. No need to take more time than that.

It’s not a locking, it’s just sort of a total failure to “get my crap together” kind of thing. Thank goodness it’s at home or I’d really look like an idiot!


lol i look like an idiot now when i try to force my hand to throw the yo-yo. i have to like move around and stuff, and it just gets all out of control

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Maybe you can try watching a few yoyo videos first before starting, to get your mind ‘warmed-up’.