Anyone else relate to this?

Anyone else relate to this? you know when u play more than one style of yoyoing (i play 1a, 3a, 2a, and some basic 4a and 5a) then when u have money ur like “k… time to buy my new Supernova :D,… wait a minute i just remembered i need a 3a pair, also remember i need another bottle of yyj thick lube and another looper for 2a, k this is what im gonna buy, but wait if i buy this when will i get to buying this or this”, etc. XD

for me right now i cant decide if i want a pair of rallys for 3a with 4 flow groove pads (first time buying One Drop), a new shutter and a pair of alpha crashes and a few pads and buddha whipple 4 packs, just get either a new supernova or superstar or movitation along with a few CTX bearings and just resume 3a and 2a in a few months or something, or a yyf monster or c3 master galaxy cuz i want atleast one superwide yoyo (i want some variety in my collection so i dont feel like im playing on what im used to everyday like wider or narrower than normal so its more challenging) or a new werrd for 1a and just stick to 1a while u dont have any 3a pairs or 2a pairs and just resume them later (by later i mean probably a few months or bout half a year), or something else… I JUST HAD TO PLAY 3A CUZ ITS EASIER THAN I THOUGHT…

First off. Don’t spend 45 each for 3a. I had a pair and traded them away in a week.

I feel the sme… Im already starting to plan what Im buying on black friday with my $200, and even with that I still have to think about it, I changed my mind like 3 times already… should i get a 1080, or fiesta… should I get a YYR or a shutter, flea, and rally… ohso many tough decisions…

K I’ve settled on getting a pair of yellow alpha crashes, 8 buddha whipple bearings, a magic yoyo n12 Shark’s Honor, and probably 2 or 3 pairs of yellow r natural pads, probably the yellow ones, some people say they last longer than natural and yellow has good binds from the start :smiley: that was completely different from the first ones I was thinking, now to think what yoyo I want for Christmas, my mom said she would let me buy what I want before Christmas, of course there would be a price limit but still, probably my first One Drop or CLYW or sOMETHING or maybe a Captivate, or a Wrath, or a Pride, or a Summit? Maybe a Supernova, superstar, monster or luis edition genesis from yyf… maybe a probably the YYF Monster or Hot or CLYW X OD Summit, something wide or fast or sOMETHING? Get it?

why not just buy 2 packs of flowable silicone?

…do you really need that much thick lube? I haven’t even gone through half of my lubes and I play 2A on the daily and I do maintenance everyday.

But I have better control over my own spending so I don’t usually get the conflicting “oh I want this and that” thoughts.

God, I hate my new Supernova. Not for me at all.

The 2013? Really?:o

Why not wait for the speedaholic release? It’s cheaper than an alpha crash and you could get maybe 2 speedaholics for the price of one alpha crash. The only thing is that you won’t know whether the speedaholic is as good as the alphas. But almost everything, if not everything, that c3 has made so far has been killer and i highly doubt the speedaholic won’t be able to live up to it. I mean it’s an ALL PLASTIC yoyo for less than $20.

oh man i feel you! i have this all the time!
I tryed the Cascade at worlds, so i wanted it really bad as soon as possible, so I looked it up an YYE, but that brought me to the summit… wich I want too now… wich brought me to CLYW so I want the arctic circle too… and then I liked the shape of the cliff so i want that too… damn the shutter came out and its good… so i need that too, I really want to try the new supernova too… also i kind of liked the HOT at worlds so I want that… also the Proton looks great… so i want that…

DAMN i need money quick xD

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Does anyone even know when the Speedaholic comes out? I forgot about that one, hope it’s good for 3a, I like wide for 3a :smiley:


I’m done. Runs screaming bloody murder

But anyways, in reply to the question, we’ve all been there.

Some time in mid September, only a couple days left :smiley:

I felt that way about that model too. Someone put one in my hand to try at Nationals while they tried a CLYW of mine. I was actually interested in buying a SuperNova. Nope, just didn’t care for it.

On the positive side, that freed up funds to spend on other yoyos, including other YYF’s.

2A doesn’t interest me in the slightest, nor 3A. I have a Fiesta in the off-chance I want to throw 4A and all my 1A throws can be used for 5A.

So no, I can’t relate :slight_smile:

I can’t really relate either, I try to pack as many things into one purchase as possible so I don’t have to keep paying postage for separate orders, so the more things I’m wanting at once the better, then I just won’t order anything for a while after that