Oh heck yes!

So after researching and checking a bunch of different yoyos I decided I would buy a yyf supernova, but then my dad told me he would buy it for me! So I have all this extra cash and was thinking of getting all sorts of extra things, mainly being also getting a northstar :wink: and strings in bulk :stuck_out_tongue: . Just wondering, is there any thing extra I should buy that would be useful? Maybe holster or something? Extra bearings? Yoyo Lube?

Maybe buy a bunch a bundle of bulk strings and a pack of each “fancy” string that has gotten your attention lately so you can try it out. Add a couple of spare bearings of your choice(I recommend YYJ), any response needed, lube if you like it. Maybe a bearing tool too. A Northstar isnt a bad buy either. I love mine

Buy another supernova! Or another yoyo that interests you.

Never used any " fancy strings… I just like the poly-cotton ones :slight_smile: maybe yellow this time :confused: and yeah ive heard good things about the northstar! Im thinking of using it as the one I carry around all the time. So extra bearings I shall buy :smiley:

. Haha! Maybe someday if I get into double yoyos but I want to expand my collection to have a variety first :slight_smile:

get another yoyo! burnside maybe

Awesome! :smiley: I personally would get a Yeah3 :stuck_out_tongue: But you should probably get some extra responses, string, and KonKave bearings are pretty nice. What color are you getting?

Which one are you reffering to? im planning green northstar and grey/gorl acid wash supernova :wink: maybe blue and gold. and geez thanks i almost forgot the etra response :smiley:

The YYF Multi-tool is a must. You can cut string, take out axles [though that’s rare], and take out bearings in one tool.
I think lube and more string should be fine. Yoyos aren’t really that specific on maintenance so even with the bare minimums should last you a while. :]

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I like the new monkeyfinger multitool better. Seems a lot more solid

Oh fail I pressed thank instead of quote :stuck_out_tongue:
I think the Supernova comes with the multi tool. Actually I think it also comes with extra responses!

It does which is why I didn’t get the multi tool but I I’d get extra responses :slight_smile:

So your Dad going to buy your yo yo for you? You got extra cash and wonder what to do?

Fathers Day is coming up soon. :slight_smile:


I must say BAZINGA!!!

Do you own a counterweight? If you don’t I’d get one or two of them and try out some 5A with an old YoYo, (or buy a cheap, durable plastic, (YYJ pinnacle comes with a counterweight, or you could buy a FHZ but that may need a little modding for unresponsive play)). I love 5A. I’m horrible at it but I love it… :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the metal drifter for 5A. Comes with a counterweight, and replace pads with better pads, it will be unresponsive after the bearing breaks in.

Uh I’m not quite ready to start 5a right now :stuck_out_tongue: I plan on getting a counterweight in about a year and a half I think :stuck_out_tongue: right now I’m really enjoying 1a :slight_smile:

buy a onedrop 10ball, a bottle of v4m, and a 5-10 pack of string that looks interesting to you (yysl is awesome).

save the rest…
play out your supernova first before buying more, its an awesome jojo.

get like a 100 pack of string and a YYJ dark magic II ;D