What to choose?

Alright, first of all, sorry if I’m making too many posts for help. So, my mom says I can spend $50 on yoyoing, and it will my last purchase for a little while. So i decided to spend it on accesories. I’m getting 100% polyester string 100 count, YYF Multi Tool for my Di Base’s bearing, and some some YYJ Thin lube. I think shippings about $5.20. Then the last thing is either a center trac bearing or an Adegle Asteroid. And I can’t go over $50. So which one should I choose?

Nothing wrong with that. And a wise move to stock up on strings. Calculate how long strings will last before you commit, maybe choose more strings over a bearing if it will be a while.

If it was me, I’d go with the Asteroid over the bearing. Why? More yoyos = more fun. Plus, you can silicone either and while one is down being siliconed, you can play the other. The lube will last a LONG time!

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Thanks Studio, as always your posts help very much!