Anyone else not get a second bearing with their Equinox?

So, I just learned that the YYJ Equinox was supposed to be shipped with 2 bearings. I only got 1 with mine, and I’m not entirely sure which one it is (new to yoyos and don’t know much about bearings and such). Did anyone else have this or is it just me missing something?

Email yoyoexpert. They should hook you up with a new bearing.

Even if I didn’t order it from them?

From my understanding the equinox was accidentally shipped with the wrong bearing, which made the gap too big. If you have a half bearing I would put that in, but if no contact the store you got it from.

Oh, well you should email whoever you got it from then. If you got it directly off yoyojams site, you should email yoyojam, etc.

After a little research, I found this on the nation’s site.

Notice from YoYoJam: Please be advised that this yo-yo was shipped to you with the wrong bearing installed. The shipment you received has Speed bearings installed – the yo-yo should have the open bearing installed for optimized offstring play. The yo-yo will function as shipped, but for premium play, the open bearing should be installed.

Check over the package again to make sure that there is no second bearing. If there is not, shoot the seller an email.

Generally yoyo producers/resellers are pretty nice people, so you should be able to get a new one with relatively few troubles :slight_smile:

I interpreted that as: yoyojam put the wrong bearing in the equinoxes so they come with only a speed bearing instead of only a half bearing.

ummm, No.

Actually, I did a little research and turned out I got the half bearing in mine. I was just concerned. I’ll be ordering from this site now. Screw Amazon XD

I don’t know why but YYJ is the only company I have had troubles with yoyos in the mail. GREAT THROWS. just had trouble with the pads etc… A bearing crapped out on me verry quickly on my Destiny. Weird.