Missing part from order?

I recently ordered a yoyojam legacy II, which I think comes with a 2nd bearing. The page says
“This yo-yo comes with both a responsive and unresponsive bearing so great for beginners all the way to advanced players!”
So…doesn’t that mean it should come with another bearing? Well, I didn’t get one. I double-checked the package and the floor. I can’t find it! Has anyone else ordered the Legacy II and had this problem, or something like it?

Please take up such customer service oriented issues directly to YYE instead of handling this in public. At least give YYE a fair chance to address this issue before even considering taking this to the forums.

The description for the Legacy II says it includes the narrow bearing and a YYJ Speed Bearing. I am assuming it comes in the green plastic box with the narrow bearing pre-installed, leaving the YYJ Speed Bearing in a small zip-type bag with a white label sticker on it, which would be LOOSE inside the box. That’s how my DM2 came as well as my Speeder 2.

The PGM, I am assuming the contrasting color rings are the weight rings. I am assuming those are an essential part of the yoyo. My PGM looks exactly like the blue/yellow one pictured on the YYE site. I would say that yours should look like the appropriate picture. This should be plain to see from the package if this is missing or not based on how YYF packages their yoyos.

But again, I’m over-stepping bounds here. Pleae take these issues up with YYE customer service directly. Give them at least 72 hours to respond. They WILL respond. Please be patient and keep all your packing material, packing slips and whatnot together.

the pgm used to come with weight rings the rubber o rings that are in the box they probably changed that

I think only the original PGM had the rubber o-ring as extra weight. After that they just made the plastic ring inserts a bit larger.

Contact yye. They have GREAT customer service. They will fix it.

how long might it take for them to respond if I email? Or should I just call?

Why don’t you just email them already. You’ve already let a day go by asking us what to do.

Well, if it was me, and yes, I have had 2 issues in 4 orders, I would email.

Issue 1 was splitting cracks on YYJ lubes. YYE offered to resolve this. YYJ stepped in and sent new caps. Took 2 days before they responded, but it wasn’t an urgent issue. Time to resolve once addressed: 5 days.

Issue 2: My RecRev Sharp had bad response pads, so YYE offered to send new ones out. I had to wait a whopping 24 hours to receive a reply. Big deal! They were going to mail them ASAP, but I said “no, let’s wait. I want to get a few other things and we can take care of it then since I’m paying shipping anyways”. They liked it, I liked it. I made an order, they tossed a couple of sets in the box.

Stuff happens. That’s life. It’s important how you handle it.

How did I handle it? First, I start off by referencing the order # so they can get on the same page as I am. Second, I open with a compliment, because while I may not have met the folks there, I like how they behave and act. World lass customer service, that’s what I do, that’s what I like in return. Let them know I’m a customer and intend to continue to be a customer(which is true in my case), but that “there was an issue”. Then I address the issue or problem in clear and exact terms, but in a factual method, not a complaining type method.

Did I take these issues to the forum first? No. This is NOT a public issue, it’s a private issue, and it needs to be handled via email.

If you’re a bit more impatient, you can take the same tactics via phone. You know, I might just call them up some day and just say “hi there, you guys are doing a fantastic job” just to let them know that their customers care about them as well.

For me, yoyo isn’t urgent to me. I can wait a few days. Then again, most of the time I can be very patient. This is unlike last week when I was fighting to get an amp module delivered to me and the company that makes it was dropping the ball on it. Very frustrating. But, it did get resolved.

Oh, hey sorry, I’ve actually already emailed them. (I feel bad now… sorry again. :-[) I did it yesterday, the day I got it. I was just looking for an opinion. Thanx guys.

The opinion is that the YYE rocks so hard they could have a mountain range named after them.

Or is that fact?

It’s a fact. Nuff said.

yeah, I ordered a legacy 2 as well, and I only got the speed bearing. I got it from another site though. It doesn’t bother me, last thing I need is another bearing that I’ll likely end up losing.

As has been said on several different threads of this type, Contact the store. Don’t announce it on a public forum. If the store made a mistake then they’ll fix it. If the manufacturer made a mistake then they should fix it.