Anyone Else Experience This? (YYE Case Durability Questions/Issues)


I received a large YYE case for my birthday. I didn’t put it through too much, I basically brought the case to different rooms in my house and zipped/unzipped it a few times. But after a couple weeks, a section of the zipper track thing was coming off and the border was fraying into the zipper track, but I didn’t find that out until both zippers became disconnected on one side when I tried to unzip the case. Also, there are a couple tears in the front pocket. Now, are these cases normally fragile, or am I just really rough with my stuff without me knowing it? I’ve never even really dropped the case, just some normal use.


I own two of these cases…a medium size, and a large one. I have not had a single problem with mine. I tend to treat things gently for the most part, and I have more of a light touch with things, but I have tossed them around on my bed or the couch, on occasion, with no issues.

I’ve had new coats though, where the zipper went off track and was never the same again. Part of it is the nature of dealing with zippers in general. Sometimes the zipper is defective from the start, and you just got a bag with a bad one. It happens sometimes. All of these cases are subject to breakage due to wear and tear over time, but only you know how much wear you’ve put on it.

You have owned your case for a short time, and Yoyoexpert is great at dealing with any product issues, so you may want to contact them to see what they can do. You may want to have your order number handy for reference. I love my two cases. Best of luck Ben.


A friend has the 24-yoyo case and the nylon is ripping. I’ve seen that sort of thing happen a lot with that particular grade of material from a number of companies using it for various things.


and what particular grade would that be?

and what companies?

If it was worth typing it was worth explaining…


Maybe he doesn’t want to blatantly disrespect YYE, and instead worded it like that… Sometimes it isn’t worth explaining…


Make your own case, mine is a swiss army laptop case. I dyed and cut the foam myself and it did cost a bit of money. Mine cost roughly 50 bucks to make, but in the long run its lasted me years or intensive use. Find a case at a thrift store.


I have done this before, but in the end I love my YYE case due to the size, after 4-5 months I was sick of my bulky homemade laptop case. Back on topic, I would just send Andre a email and let him know the situation.


I have a homemade hard case, but I need the YYE one for its larger carrying capacity.


the YYJ bag is better I use it and it is extremely durable.


Amen Sister, amen.

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Hated my Yoyojam bag. Seams started pulling apart 2 weeks after I got the bag then water bottle holder mesh tore then while walking back to the hotel at pnwr the whole strap broke off the bag.Luckily andre was at pnwr and replaced it for me with a new yoyoexpert 24 bag. I had the zipper problem you had OP so i emailed him about it and got a replacement. No troubles since.


Hm, must’ve been a defect, mine is still good as new and I take it with me practically everywhere.