anyone else celebrate hannukah?

anyone celebrate Hanukkah? or am I the only one on the forums celebrating it? Or is everyone just celebrating Christmas?

I think this is a touchy subject, as it deals with religion, so in before the lock.

Okay, then how come there are so many christmas topics than?

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Because it is a very very popular Holiday around the world that many different religions celebrate.

I don’t see how this would be locked? I’m sure people do.

That’s what I’m sure of too I mean there’s kids at my school that celebrate hanukkah.

You have no idea what you’re talking about.

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it’s only ok to talk about a religious holiday if the majority of people celebrate it? so it’s only ok to talk about what you believe if everyone believes it? that’s not ok.
BACK TO POST-How does hanukah work? I’ve always wondered. like what’s it all about? I don’t even know what Christmas is about lol.

No, that is not what I meant.

I meant that so many people celebrate Christmas even if they don’t know the true meaning.

But, Hannukah is directly related to a Jewish Celebration.

My area has numerous Jewish people. I know of over 20 kids who celebrate it in my school. They mostly say it is a small holiday hyped up to compete with Xmas. I think it is cool to have so many Jewish kids…Bar mitzvahs…plus we get some days off for Jewish holidays.

Basically its celebrating how oil for 1 night lasted 8 days so we basically eat latkes (potato pancakes) and jelly doughnuts ( another tasty Hanukah treat). We eat this stuff because we eat stuff with cooked with oil to celebrate about the oil. Now another thing about hanukkah is it’s like Christmas except in a Jewish style kinda we still get presensts! And the menorah has 9 candle holders because you have to light the other candles and you add one every night to show the growing faith.

Hanukah celebrates a miracle relating to candles burning, the holiday spans several days, each day lighting a candle on a menorah, a sort of candle holder with 11 spaces I think…I think…

No 9 holders because there is one extra in the center to light the other candles.

I gotta jump in here.

I don’t think there’s anything “touchy” about Hanukkah at all and contrary to a risk for a lock I find it a wonderful opportunity to all learn together. What I think Shadowz was trying to communicate is that Christmas is more of a secular commercial holiday around the world than a Christian religious celebration anymore. (Please, I don’t want to get in an argument about this. I am not wishing to offend anyone, I am just stating what I see as a general truth of our society.)

I think Vince has an absolutely wonderful idea. I think this thread would be a great place for us to learn more about Hanukkah and the events it celebrates. What does the lighting of the menorah signify and why are there eight? Tell us about the Maccabees and the Temple.

Give us a lesson, this is something we all should understand in much greater detail.

Oh, and the dreidel. Here at a website around spinning toys it would be great to know about the dreidel!

(I see Abby has already answered some of my questions while I was typing.)


i celebrate Hanukkah! ;D

i really don’t find anything involving Christmas at all offensive, since we still open presents on Christmas even thought we celebrate Hanukkah.


Believe it or not hanukah is actually simpler that you think you can actually learn a little about it in the bible… But I for get what book, darn.

No more so than asking what you think you’re getting for Christmas. :wink:

P.S. - Let’s just keep it as a discussion of another holiday people celebrate. No need to get into the religious beliefs and such.


Alright fair enough.

to an extent. We don’t have the candles nor the oil based treats. We do however, like to recognize the heart of the holiday. (i.e. the religious stuff)

That’s good and most Jewish holidays are very religious. Hanukkah is still that because that was a miracle that happened so the celebrate it by eating foods cooked in oil and playing dredeil (a gambling game where you spin a 4 sided top and you either get half the pile, all of the pile, nothing, or you put 1 thing in at our house we bet on chocolate!)