Whats up for the Holidays?

Hey guys, thought this would just be bit of a fun thread to do and read.
I was just wondering what do you guys do for the holidays, christmas, hannukah, kwanza, etc.
For christmas my family has a party, then we open presents, eat at our friends house, then go skiing almost every year.
Be sure to include any fun traditions or other things you do!

Going to my grandma’s house Christmas movie marathon, Family photo in front of the tree, hanging Christmas cards from our doorway, etc.

Well the biggest thing is that I have the time to go home and see my family, which after I started at the university only happens 2-4 times a year, so it’s pretty big.

What I do at Christmas varies greatly from year to year due to having separated parents from two different countries, living in another country. Last year I celebrated in Denmark with duck as the xmas eve meal (duck as an incredibly tasty bird), the year before that was in Norway with the traditional Norwegian rib of pork. The year before that it was turkey.

My whole family is also non-religious, which makes it somewhat weird that we celebrate the holiday, but not really when you think about it.

Presents always get opened on Christmas eve for me, as that is the tradition over here.

I can add that Christmas day in Denmark is basically just eating. You get up, eat breakfast and then relax for a while until lunch, which lasts until dinner, which lasts till dessert. Basically you end up spending the entire day at the table, with an amazing selection of food around you.

Well we open presents from our nuclear family first in our house. Then we go to my Grandma’s house and eat brunch and there we open presents from our family members. Then we just chill and play with our presents and talk and just enjoy our time. Then at night we go to this christmas party where I do not know most of the people there lol ;D. Then that is it. Although, this christmas I gotta work :’( lol, but it is at night so it does not really matter to me. Anyways Merry Christmas!!!

Morning with my entire family, then going to my girlfriend’s families house for dinner and many drinks! ;D

  1. Hanukkah has already past it was during thanksgiving we went to our grandparents and had the saddest thanksgiving and Hanukkah in one not sure how that was even possible until my grandma actually did it.
    2.my family and i are scheming on going to Philadelphia to see some of our cousins or see an old friend from Kentucky
  2. for Christmas we are just going to chill at home and do what i do which is play with a new yo yo or something.

I’m staying in NYC overnight at times square Sunday to Monday and then for Christmas Day my family is coming over to my house


I just read an article that talked about that, saying that probably 25-30% of the people that celebrate Christmas do it more as a cultural tradition that a religious holiday.

Sounds like my kind if day. And I love duck and pork roast.

I am usually extremely ill with a cold or flue this time of year, so it’s really a rough time on me as far as my health is concerned.

Couple that with years and years of extremely poor family disasters during this time of year, and a what I feel is probably significantly larger than average number of tragedies, it’s traditionally been an pre-determined unpleasant time of year. It’s like everyone came to the conclusion of “I’m gonna be a bigger jerk-wad than anyone else” and the constant escalating is just not worth being anywhere around. I’ve been spending the past 10 years or so trying to rebuild the holidays into something more agreeable with only my immediate family(wife, kids, pugs).

Mostly, I try to use this time to rest up, because I have a recurring client that is typically the first weekend after New Years, which is a 3-day non-stop event. For me, it’s actually 4 days because I need to load-in the day ahead of time.

I only tolerate Christmas as a cultural thing. I am not religious and I don’t observe any holidays. I have requested that my family please avoid any gift giving done in my direction. I do get stuff for my kids.

My wife… last year, I got her jewelry. My youngest flushed that down the toilet, along with my wife’s .75carat diamond studs from our wedding jewelry I got her for that, and the custom 1-year 1carat diamond pendant that the youngest also managed to destroy. As I had a client so far stiff me on a payment for their maintenance contract, I am a month behind on bills and “life” in general. My previous committed spending was diverted a bit. It did make a dent at least.

I will survive the holidays.

shudder, that sounds rough, I hope you have a better time this year.

Hopefully this will be a better year.

Predetermined is a funny word.

Try to stay positive my friend. :slight_smile:

That being said…

I go to my mothers house on Christmas Eve morn.

On Christmas Day I go to my restaurant with my Wife’s side of the family. We are closed for normal biz.

Some local folks always show up that don’t have anything else going on.

They eat with my family.

That’s what’s up for me. Actually that’s what’s it’s all about for me.

Great times. :slight_smile:

Eat,sleep,eat,open gifts,eat,sleep

Christmas Eve: go to grandparent’s house, order Chinese takeout (tradition), open gift, sugar rush, fall asleep at 10:00.

Christmas morn: Wake up at 5, start playing Christmas songs, wake up parents, open gifts, use gifts, go to aunt and uncles house for lunch and dinner. Food coma

That sums it up really ;D