Christmas thread! Who snuck a yoyo ornament on the tree this year?!

Tis the season my yoyo family and wanted to enjoy Christmas with my immediate family and all of you! I grew up hating the holidays cause my family wasn’t much of a family. Presents were basically non existent, no Christmas dinner, no holiday fun. Now that I have my own family, things have changed(or I’m changing rather) and I’m finding my holiday spirit. So this is a thread for everyone who’s enjoying Christmas, who doesn’t have anyone to share Christmas with or anyone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas but just wants to celebrate with their other family.

Snuck an ornament of mine on the mother and laws tree. ;D

Merry Christmas everyone!

Merry Christmas to you too. Don’t have a tree set-up this year so no hanging anything.

haa. Someone replied finally! Hope you had a great Christmas.

I did, then I took it down, orange string on a Christmas tree just does not look good.