Yoyo Ornament

(Tyler) #1

I needed room for a new throw in my case (only holds 12) so I decided to take my first yoyo I bought, a YoyoKing Merlin (I got on Amazon for like $10 before I knew what I was doing), and turn it into a Christmas ornament to put on the tree. Anyone else use yoyos as a material for some arts and crafts?


My busted red Fireball has been a Christmas ornament for years now :slight_smile:

(Spinworthy Glen) #3

Not a fan of yoyos as Christmas tree ornaments.

Don’t mess with the tree.

(ChrisFrancz) #4

Looks like an ornament!


Ha, I spent my first month or so of throwing using a yellow Yoyo King Merlin. I learned all of the responsive tricks on the YYE trick list using that yoyo. I might dig it out and hang it on my tree!


I have used yoyos for the following: paperweights, stand to lean my phone against, a hammer if I recall correctly, um… that’s all I can think of for now :blush:


(Spinworthy Glen) #8

Actually, I really like that rear-view mirror idea!


Unfortunately it kinda bangs around a bit on the mirror when the car is turning, etc, which makes it not great. Softer items would be better.

(Tyler) #10

Not really sure why you would dislike a yoyo ornament, and don’t really understand what you mean by “don’t mess with the tree”?

(ChrisFrancz) #11

I think he just meant keeping ornaments traditional. A whole tree decorated with yoyo ornaments would be cool! Garland made of different colored string wound loosely together and a light-up Andre trading card at the top or better yet, a Pulse set to permanently flash!

(Tyler) #12

Personally, when growing up, almost all of our ornaments were something we made ourselves. Made out of anything: carved from wood, molded with clay, even paper or cardboard. So, for me, a “traditional” ornament is something that means something to me. While I didn’t make the yoyo myself, I found turning one into an ornament to be an appropriate representation of my personality on the Christmas tree.

(ChrisFrancz) #13

Then it’s a perfect ornament! Until my mom died a few months after Christmas 2001 she had ornaments on her tree that I made in Cub Scouts and grade school. It’s nice if ornaments have a story. The last time I put a tree up was 1994. It was not a real one and was 4 feet tall and in the corner on a table. When I got home the next day, my cat, Joshua, had pulled it down. I packed it up and gave it to some friends for their dorm room. You should put that Merlin on your tree every year and it will become more sentimental every year!