Product Idea for the holidays?


Just got back from Disneyland. Of course, almost everything is shaped like the famous mouse head. Just gives me an idea. Well, not for me. But still, an idea.

Why not a glass ornament shaped like an Imperial yoyo with a string around the center(for attaching to the hook) and put the YYE logo on it?

Sell them in 4 packs. Red, yellow/gold, green, blue for solids
Make a sparkle version, also in 4 colors.
Heck, go nuts, make a colorway version with 4 different color splash designs.

For decorating, NOT for throwing.

Want to get really silly?
Put a small motor in there that can be run from the tree lights. It plugs into the center and the little motor spins the yoyo ornament.
Add a color changing LED element?

Just ideas. Not sure how viable this idea is. Feel free to move this to maybe the YYE Improvements area if it seems better there.

I think a YYE “Big Yo” sized tree-topper would be a bit over-kill.


Dang man! This is a good idea!

Ps. I would so buy that big-yo tree topper.
It would be up there every year. EVERY year…


I would definitely be tempted to buy one. Especially if it spun :slight_smile:


Check your private messages Studio.


Checked and responded!


excellent idea!


yoyo ornaments get a thumbs up from me!


Tag your it!


I love the idea :slight_smile: while I was in the hospital this summer with pneumonia I was intibated or what ever it’s called and when I woke up the nurses had given my parents a little cheapo, green quarter sized nothing yoyo that had a picture of santa on it, when we got home I wrote children’s hospital on it and the date and found some green string and made an ornament out of it so I’m already a bit ahead of the game :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes this is a great idea studio!!! Although spinning might cost a lot to mass produce considering yye sells yoyos and doesnt have much traffic for people who want yoyo ornaments. But if they made one I would probably buy 10 or 20 if they were about 3-8 dollars each so thats all you seee on my familys christmas tree.