Merry Christmas

It’s finally here. Enjoy your day and make memories. Hope everyone at YYE and on the forums has a nice day. So yeah merry Christmas!

many glorious blessings of the feasting season upon you and yours


Merry Christmas! I’m typing this from my new Surface. ;D

Merry christmas! My family is opening gifts in around an hour! :3
That would be at like 9 am

Merry christmas everyone. Don’t forget to go to church!

^^ This guy ::slight_smile:

Anyways, everyone have a very Merry Christmas and keep on throwing :slight_smile:

Church never hurts too lol…

Me and my family went to the Christmas eve servece last night That counts right any ways

Merry Christmas To All

Haha same as you, I think it


Merry Christmas YYE

Hope we all got what we wanted, whether its family time, neat stuff, or just some love from your significant other.
Here’s to another awesome year. Now go enjoy the snow! And go throw your new throw!


I hope it counts cuz mine did too :3

It absolutely counts guys!

Sweet Its nice to see there are other Christians on the YYE forums

Go Jesus, it’s ya birthday, we gonna party like it’s ya birthday…

his birthday is in the summer sometime around June… The only reason we are celebrating it now is because of a roman holiday in time the roman empire was huge was saturnalia AKA a giant harvest party for 7 days the reason we are celebrating it now is in roman times an emperor wanted to transfer the religion to Christianity so he moved Jesus’s birthday celebration to the midfield saturnalia.

oh interesting

i forgot about that… I learned that years ago in Sunday school haha.

Merry Christmas to all! Currently throwing my Christmas present (YYF Shutter).