Happy late Hanukkah.


Happy Hanukkah everyone. C=


Why thank you, Trace. I’m guessing your not Jewish, though.


Nope but you got to love it. C=


I am jewish and your not late :slight_smile:
Channukah is an 8 night holiday, tonight is the fourth night.

I’ve been getting presents for the last few nights hehe. Got a huge bag of chocolate and Big Bang Theory season 4 yesterday :slight_smile:

Happy channukah!


Cool I knew that it lasted a few day I was just sad I missed the first day by a bit.

I’ve always though it was an awesome holiday lasting multiple days and all.

So why do some people call it Hanukkah and some people Channukah?

Also you getting any yoyos? C=


Jew-Five! I got a giant choclate coin and $20 dollars- 1st Night. 2 lollipops, $10 dollars, and a lego collectible minifigure- 2nd Night. Chocolates, and puzzle book things.- 3rd night. I’m pretty sure tonight is a snuggie- 4th night.

Happy Channukah, Hannukah


The varying spellings are actually due to the Hebrew word. The first letter makes a sound that we don’t have in English. Some people spell the letter just with an “h” and some people some people spell the letter with a “ch.” I’ve also seen the letter spelled as “kh.”

On a different note, I’m not getting things per night because I’m actually at a ski resort in Utah right now (I live in New York City). Basically for C/Hanukkah my presents are an iPhone 4s (it was time for an upgrade anyway), minty mint chief, vsnyyc septopus, and an ILYY Falcon. I know that sounds like a lot but those aren’t just from my parents. They’re also from a bunch of different family members. Some of them are also combined C/Hanukkah and birthday presents.


lol didn’t know yall were jewish too :slight_smile:
but yeah there is no official way of spelling Channukah. But spelling it with a CH makes it more jew sounding in my opinion haha.
What I got so far(my family usually gives me smallish stuff cause my birthday was a few weeks ago) : night 1- some clothes. Night 2- big Band theory season 4 :slight_smile: Night 3- 60$ xbox live 12 month gold subcription. Night 4- Giant bag of Ghirradelli chocolate. Night 5- a new belt and 55$ from a relative


No snuggie last night :(. But instead, a 100 dollars. That money, combined with 180 dollars, equals 280$.
that moniez is going to a good cause. yoyos.


you mean the only cause


Why must you invade my privacy with your mind-reading thoughts?