Anyone bought the YYF Space Cowboy??!!

I am a fan of Tyler Severance and bought a Supernova 2013 but not feeling so good about it maybe it’s because of the fact that being made in China?? I find it very non-responsive and spins very weak ( I mean easily stopped spinning when doing tricks with several string layers) comparing to my Catalyst.

For those who bought it, do you think it is an upgrade comparing to Supernova?? Or is it just another average metal yoyo?

There seems to be one of these here

Thanks, man. I think I should wait for some detailed reviews before I make the decision thought.

Not quite the same topic really. But anyways, i have a new one on the way from YYF now, since the one i bought had some wobble. Apart from the wobble (which i presume is just an unlucky lemon i got) the Space Cowboy is a really awsome throw. Definetly not just another average metal yoyo :slight_smile: