Anybody willing to take on an interesting mod? (no metal cutting, just plastic)


I have a Bapezilla I was interested in having silicone recessed. I talked to a few modders (thanks Landon, Chaz, Pyrotecnic, a couple others) and the consensus was that the walls were very thin and it’s somewhat risky.

I was still interested in having a wider gap and possibly a less vibey yo-yo. The only solution I could think of was to cut the guts out of a plastic (maybe a celcon yyj or some other cheap plastic), open up the axle hole, cut it to fit flush with the body of the Bape and use it as a sort of SPR kit.
In the end I would imagine it would look a little like a Leviathan with the little step down in the gap. I have a few plastics I can use as modder fodder. If anybody’s willing to take on the challenge send me a PM. Name your price for the mod and if it doesn’t work out, no harm no foul the Bape will come to no harm, only a cheap plastic wasted.


Any of those you mentioned should have no problem making something like that. Problem is the bape has no bearing seat because it uses the axle to center the bearing. This means that either you’ll have to either make something like a heli coil to fit into the axle hole on both sides to take a smaller axle. Then you can make a bearing seat for the plastic spr.

Not sure if the plastic would work like the bape axle, seat system but who know’s.


I was thinking something more along the lines of a piece that covers the entire bearing seat and essentially serves as the bearing seat itself. Because it won’t necessarily be screwed it, do you think that will cause wobble? I was assuming if it’s screwed together it wouldn’t be a problem like an SPR kit or even a YYJ shim type of concept. Neither are screwed in and neither really impact how smooth a yo-yo is.

I’m not a modder so I obviously don’t know much about these things.


I know what you meant. It would still be a type of spr for a lack of a better term. Like I said, any of those guy’s could do it.


I’m sure if they had to they could but Landon for one said he didn’t want to mess with this mod because of how precise you’d need to be. Pyrotechnic said something similar had been done before but “good luck finding those” Oh Well. I guess I’ll start asking others.


Luke H. isn’t taking work either. I’ll be looking for another modder now :confused:


The SPR wouldn’t be super difficult to make. It’s just a bearing seat and silicone groove. However, I would agree with the problem Icthus raised. To get the benefits of a modern bearing seat you would need to be using a smaller axle, which will require using helicoils.


My suggestion was to use the black kentaro that used to be made for 888s they are only like .20-.25 thick. But they were not made very long and that was abt 4 years ago. Why I said “good luck finding those”…