"Re-Seating A Bape" or "In What Flavor Would You Like That Bape?"

Ever since I re-did the bearing seat on a Fluchs, I had the idea of doing the same thing on a Bape. Well, tonight I decided to take it one step further! I cut new bearing seats out of Born Crucial SPRs. I had one set of small bearing BC SPRs left, so I thought “what the heck” and cut a set of small bearing seats for it too! I was going to epoxy the large bearing seats in, but this way, they are interchangable! This Bape had one heck of a vibe, and while it isn’t DEAD smooth, it it much smoother than it was before!

Bape As a Small Bearing
http://i70.photobucket.com/albums/i120/Ricerocket00/Yo-Yos/SmallBearingBape.jpg http://i70.photobucket.com/albums/i120/Ricerocket00/Yo-Yos/SmallBearingBape2.jpg

Bape As A Large Bearing
http://i70.photobucket.com/albums/i120/Ricerocket00/Yo-Yos/LargeBearingBape1.jpg http://i70.photobucket.com/albums/i120/Ricerocket00/Yo-Yos/LargeBearingBape2.jpg

The Guts Shots
http://i70.photobucket.com/albums/i120/Ricerocket00/Yo-Yos/IMG_1980.jpg http://i70.photobucket.com/albums/i120/Ricerocket00/Yo-Yos/BapeSpacers.jpg

I may be willing to sell it, if the price is right :slight_smile:

Thats really sick. So one spacer uses the response on the yoyo and the A spacer has pads in the spr? Or does it still utilize the same response? Is there any issues with snagging or slippyness while playing it as an A bearing?

Both large and small bearing setups use the response on the yoyo. Right now I just have it setup with an iPad on just the blue side (mainlt for testing purposes). Chances are than I will end up doing a silicone response in both halves and doing shmoove rings (a la ‘The End’) before I’m finished with it, but I really wanted to test it out first.

Nah, no problems with slipping or snagging with either setup.