Anyone up for modding a bumblebee?

Twas one of my first throws. Unfortunately, I had to retire it because the plastic in the yellow half where the axle screws became stripped (not the metal itself, the actual plastic) making me no longer able to tighten or loosen the halves (the yellow half moves around within the catch zone). I would LOVE this to be modified to its past glory, or even modernized (spikes, new axle, rebuilt for new style of play, whatever) I would simply like it to be functional (and awesome) again. I lost the bearing for it unfortunately, maybe I could buy another one if it’s an issue. Anyone? Yes, willing to compensate! :smiley:

Just glue the bolt back in place. Should be fine.


HA terrible that I never thought of that. Thank you!

Yes, just lay some epoxy in the hole the bolt head sits in. It takes the std. Duncan bearing that fits the FHZ and a lot of other Duncans - 5 x 10 x 4 (mm)

Duncan Bearing Kit
Ball Bearings and Parts

Are either Gorilla Glue or Krazy Glue good choices?

I’d go with epoxy first preference. Maybe Gorilla glue. Definitely not Krazy Glue.

Use JB Weld, that stuff is the strongest epoxy you can find.

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I guess I can snag that at Home Depot or Lowes?

Yeah. Or you could get gorilla epoxy.

Don’t confuse him.

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Or get mod spacers and silicone stickers, in which case you must glue the new axle.

Thanks guys. I have some free time available to go pick up the epoxy, so I’ll update you. Once again, I appreciate the help!

Let us know how it comes out.

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Buy JB Weld!!!

Wes, thats exactly what I did ;D I bought the strongest one and holy crap it’s strong. As soon as it leaked out of the tube it stuck to my fingers. Messy stuff!

Took a few minutes to do, I mixed the two materials on a plastic bag with a q-tip (bad idea! i realized how much messier it was with the q-tip because the hairs stuck to the epoxy on the bag so I switched to my pocket knife, which was PERFECT because it was much easier to wipe off) and smeared it into the divot where the nut lays, inserted the nut, covered any remaining hole with epoxy, then smeared another layer of epoxy over it. So basically, two layers. It’s messy looking but in 24 hours I can sand it down, which I would like to do anyway because I’m afraid of weight change.

I didn’t have to do the black side, but if there is a weight change from the epoxy I will be doing that side too.

Yay my first mod! ;D

JB Weld was cheaper anyway, but I appreciate it!

You didn’t need to use that much epoxy, and you put the bolt in facing the wrong way lol.

You should only need to do the yellow half. Trim off the excess when it cures. Hope you protected the threads some how. It wasn’t clear from the pics if you did.

I use mine with Mod spacers that are also moded unresponsive. I love playing with it still. Personally I like the bumblebee with mod spacers more than the duncan pro z that they come with

I tried to hubstack mod one, the hubs fit but the axle was to big to go through the hole to the other side :frowning: