anybody got a flipside?

well does anyone have it ,and if you do what you think?

I like it…I have too and they are quite nice. They play like any other plastic and can handle any tricks and is pretty smooth for a plastic. I really like the bearing swapping spacers. They should make some more yoyos with it!

C3 should make a delrin yoyo with bearing changing spacers, then make it disappear… oh wait!

And then sell it to the most handsomest yoyo player to ever grace the community oh wait.

but i never got one…

why did they discontinue the sceptre and duncan probably asked to use the duplex system like how they asked for the konkave lol

I went to yoyo club once and a guy had one. i never tried it, though.

Hey, I was there when you bought it…

Got it and like it. The reversible spacer/SPR system is pretty insane for a yoyo that costs this little. It turned into my main player and throw at Nationals!

Must have!! Well, that’s my opinion. Feel free to have your opinion vary.

I believe it was Duncan who made C3 discontinue it because well the sceptre was released before the Duncan Flipside, Duncan was prototyping the Flipside long before C3 ( I may be completely wrong I just heard this at a contest randomly not even sure from who). Duncan is a big company and prototypes months before and maybe years before to make the product as good as possible for the production line.