Anybody Else Want To "Go Back"?


So lately I’ve been thinking about my first few months of yoyoing, and its almost been a year (mid august last year) since my first somewhat “real” yoyo came in my mailbox (Velocity) and I’ve been remembering when the most basic tricks were my favorite, and used to stay inside during summer to play and learn with it while all the others were playing at the park near my house, and going on yoyoexpert all friday with Mountain Dew next to me, and I REALLY wish that still happened. I can still do all the stuff but it simply just is not the same, and I wish I could go back and weld those moments into my head a bit more so I can remember more of them in the future. Does anybody else wish they can kind of go back like this? I would love start over learning some basic tricks and elements and stuff, but its too easy now that its just simply boring. When I first started off, trapeze and double or nothing took days to learn. I wish that would happen again. :smiley:


I’ve thought about this way too many times… Not being able to sleep that one night because my dark magic was coming in the mail the next morning…


hell no. Having to relearn everything, no thank you. Id much rather have the skills I do now and keep improving then starting over.

What do you mean it’s too easy now? There’s always more to learn and to improve on. You could make your own tricks too.

Or if you really want to go back then you could learn a different style.


I know what the OP is getting at. It’s like a relationship, really… the first few months are pretty heady. Everything is fresh and exciting and even simple things are just amazing.

Following that analogy, though… I’m a much happier and more fulfilled man in my marriage than I’ve ever been in a newly-blossoming relationship. I wouldn’t ever want to go back to “dating” again. :wink: My wife and I still reminisce (and always will) about our first dates. It’s fun to revisit them and remember those feelings. But it’s got nothing on the meaningful relationship I have now. :wink:

Transferring to yoyo: I’m on the brink of starting to understand trick theory a bit more, and I have the confidence to start creating or at least modifying tricks in ways that give them my personal touch. That’s the kind of thing that comes with time and practice. And there’s even a bit of that “rush” when discovering something you hadn’t previously noticed.

I’d much rather be going with this forward momentum… the excitement of those early days is partly that they’re bursting with discovery of new skills like trapeze. But the deeper enjoyment for me comes with knowing I can land a trapeze without thinking about it, and then moving into other interesting elements with confidence and intention.

You can still make new tricks and elements your “new trapeze”, though. The most recent one for me has been Seasick. Exciting to land at first because “Wow, I just landed Seasick”, but enjoyment is only GROWING as it gets smoother and more confident. :wink:

Always forward!


Ok, I Reread your post at least 6 times. Each time, I tried even more, to understand your self generated dilemma?

…When you started yoing, you knew nothing. And then after awhile, you got better. But even if you know 150 tricks; there are still at least another 250: tricks, mounts, dismounts, etc., that you don’t know/can’t do.

So my curiosity is, 'How can you be bored, when there are still Hundreds of things you have yet to learn?

Trust me; there are still plenty of ‘moves’ that can/will take you days or weeks to learn.

Sounds more like you lack Motivation; as opposed to technically being bored. If you have gotten to a certain stage of trick difficulty and you are ‘stuck’, then maybe a mild form of frustration; manifests itself in your mind as ‘boredom’.

If you are truly driven to get constantly better at yoing; then a Positive focus should completely void any sense of being bored.

Your post does not exhibit sound logic.

If you actually ‘miss’ the old days; when it took you weeks to land a trick; then just pick any one of dozens of more difficult tricks and no doubt; you will have just as much of an Adventure spending days on end, learning more stuff, lolol.

When yoing was your main drivin to learn focus; your challenge kept you interested and occupied. It is very possible, that your current priorities have changed. New school, new friends, new girl, new job, etc.; can easily divert your energy. Perhaps, with more things in life, to juggle around; you just get that boring feeling, because you just don’t have the same patience or level of concentration as when you first started?

…I would never want to ‘go back’ to the challenge of learning basics. I want to constantly go forward, to the next Nightmare of a trick. <Knowing that when I land it; it will Power me up to try to break off even a bigger Nightmare to learn trick.


I love this feeling. It feels like those years of practice behind me finally got me somewhere. When I watch newcomers 1 year into yoyoing making up new tricks on their own already… I finally get to experience that. It’s wonderful :slight_smile:


everything he said for sure.

(ed) #8

“the only joy in life is to begin” (cesare pavese)

there is nothing like looking out in front of you and seeing an untouched frontier of possibility.
the trick is to realize that you’re actually there every day, and that you can only take the steps right in front of you.

i definitely look back nostalgically on landmarks in my learning, as much for the context of what was going on in my life and how the everything thing felt as for anything specific to yo-yo. but i also agree with greg/mo that it’s possible to adopt a beginner’s mind whether you’ve played for 1 year or 20. so yeah, wouldn’t want to go back or change a thing. every moment is its own new adventure.


Yea, definitely. Pretty cool to see someone else think this way. While I have more yoyos than I ever did then, I still miss that feeling when I gotta first ball bearing YoYo, the excitement and joy isn’t of having your first ball bearing YoYo isn’t something that happens multiple times. I felt that excitement and joy again when I got my first quality YoYo, the Speed Maker, and after, the Dark Magic, and finally, a full metal. These are once in a lifetime feelings when throwing a YoYo, now that I’ve played with the best of them all, I can’t really experience that joy of throwing a high end YoYo. Sure there’s the feeling when you get a new YoYo, but it’s only a cheap imitation.


Yes this and what yoyospirit right above this said! Man, I am bad at wording things… Simply because even the smallest of things excited me, and because there were always new yoyos to kind of look at and then you found out famous players and their names and it was all new. Now I know most well known yoyoers and I’ve seen almost every yoyo. Nothing too exciting.


…but the takeaway from those of us foolish enough to pretend to be wise is that you can still approach the hobby with the “beginner’s mind” that ed refers to.


Re-learn everything with your non-dominant hand, get a head start on some 2A/3A.