Anybody else think the new supernova feels like a burnside?






Did you play both of them?


It can’t be a bad thing :wink: I liked the Burnside, but haven’t tried a supernova…




Don’t you own a Supernova?


Not the new one :stuck_out_tongue:


Oooooooh! New supernova! My bad. I was wrong.


You were wrong as in, it does play like a Burnside? Or you haven’t tried the supernova?


Havent tried


No. The Supernova has a better feel, whereas te Burnside is more heavy feeling. The Burnside is more Genesis feeling.

(WildCat23) #12

So, according to you, lighter is better? I know many who prefer heavier throws.


No i throw berserkers. What i mean is they dont feel the same, not even close. Its hard to explain how the metals dont feel the same.


I really enjoyed both, but they do not feel too similar. The supernova plays lighter and faster than the burnside.


I prefer the supernova over the burnside.