Anybody else jailbroken their ipod/iphone? If so, have any cool tweaks to share?


Basically if you read the title, you catch my drift, haha.

But I just jailbroke my 4th gen ipod touch with iOS 6.1.6. I couldn’t get it to work wwhen I last tried, but that was 6.1.5, and I guess I didn’t have the right know-how.

But anyway, I figured I’d share a couple cool tweaks.
1.) Zeppelin (customize user ID at the top of your screen)
2.) Badge Customizer (let’s you customize your badges in a bunch of ways)
3.) Unfold (lock screen customizer, it allows you to change the words, and make it “fold” vertically or horizontally.)
4.) SubIc0ns. (lets you have a little side bar appear at an appointed “activator”, but it kept crashing my ipod, so I can’t use it :confused: But it’s awesome if it works!)
5.) Pluck. (this I can’t get to actually appear, but it’s supposed to put a music player icon on your lock screen, so you can access various music options from your lock screen. Icstead of just the skip, back, and play button already available))

And that’s most of what I have for now… Not even sure if anyone else really cares, haha, I just figured it’d be a fun topic that I hadn’t seen on the forums lately




I did my old iPhone 4 and I loved it. I also got something else, don’t remember what it was called but I got a lot of useful apps for free.

My favorite 2 things were being able to have 5 instead of 4 rows of icons and being able to kill all the apps and programs like an android can.

(Username1) #4

Dont remember the name. I think it was infiniboard but it makes all your apps drop to the bottom of the screen its hard to explain


What is Jailbreaking, exactly?


a jailbreak is simply she you go through the process of eliminating all of apples restrictions on the functionality and look of programs. For instance, you can make the look and way you unlock your device. And you can change the look of badges banners, etc. and so much more! Plus there are some to claim to actually make your device faster. But the ones I’ve encountered cost el moolah


Wow nope completely free if you know how.

But I didn’t like it so I undid it. My favorite thing was Barrel. It made the apps spin and was awesome :).


Wait, all I was saying was certain tweaks costed money. Nothing else, haha. But I’m sure there are performance enhancers for free. I just haven’t found them. And the only “Barrel” tweak I see on cydia does cost money (2.99). But I’m sure there are even variants of that that are free.


You just have to add more scources that have copies of the tweaks for free.


Ahhhhh… touche’


Google it :wink:


Yeah man, haha. google’s my bff

Explore Daniel


Iap cracker was one of my favorites. It allows you to get in app purchases for free. Sbsettings is useful as well, just make sure to get enough sources. Search top cydia tweaks/sources for more.


Thanks for sharing! I’ll have to check it out :slight_smile:

And here’s a screen shot of all the stuff I’ve done. I’m thinking I’ll change the circles back. I like the shape but the new icons are… Meh.


I’ve got a 4th gen IPOD that’s primarily used to play music. I use it sporadically to surf the web when I’m out, or check the weather. Haven’t seen a pressing need to jailbreak it. Frankly, I have a $25 Sony device that plays my music just fine. The IPOD was a gift.


Intelliscreen is something you might like as well,


My iphone5 is jailbroken on 6.1.4, took a while for them to come out with it. Love jailbreak, the best part is having unlimited data and being able to tether it for free with the jailbreak, muwahaha. Suck it verizon


haha, nice man! Glad it’s working to your advantage XD but be careful… They could be watching us right now! o.0

And btw guys, I found this cool one called LockSliderz and you can edit your lock screen with different slider options. And you can add new ones. And with my iOS 6.1.6 it works great! I’ve found a lot of lock screen tweaks tend to slow the unlocking process. But this one doesn’t!


You can do that with another cydia thing that’s AWESOME but I don’t remember what it’s called… It was something with snow or a blizzard or something. You can download skins for your ipod with it. (It changes the backgrounds, the slider, the app icons, etc.).


Winterboard, and I believe he already is using it for themes (I like the glass theme a lot).

I remembered another one, iconoclast allows you to choose how many icons you have on each page.