Is Cydia safe?

I want to put Cydia on my iPod touch but I’m concerned it might not be safe.

yeah, it is.
My friend’s used it for years, and I had it for a while until I got a new ipod, and didn’t bother to jailbreak it.

Why not?

why didn’t I re jail break it? I just didn’t feel the need. apple’s os works just fine.

Many ‘power users’ jaillbreak their ipods/phones because it makes it a little more capable.

Cydia itself is very safe, and most jailbreaks are too. Just don’t use one that looks shady. Do you research on the most common jailbreaks. Always make sure that you’re using a jailbreak that is compatible with your OS version and ipod version.

No its not, you will die if you use it.

Then again, we are all dying aren’t we.

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think about it

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If you jailbreak it once and don’t put a bunch o junk on it you will be fine. But if you jailbreak it and put a bunch of cydia stuff on it it will slow down and then you will have to restore it cause you won’t be able to stand how slow it is. Safe? Yes its somewhat safe.