Anybody else been having these problems?

3 outta the 5 last northstars i have purchased have cracked in normal play. and my Dv888 had a strong vibe outta the box. I’m not mad, i just want to know if I’m the only one having such horrible luck. i have given the cracked northstars to friends, and the viby Dv888 got stolen at school, along with my genesis, Burnside, and Asteroid. :’(

Two of my Northstars have cracked, but none of my DV888’s were abnormally vibey (Both the old $69.99 one and the new, cheaper one), nor have any of my expensive throws been stolen. I think the Northstars were semi-normal (They have been known to crack), but the rest is luck, or lack of thereof I should say.

Off topic, but how did 4 of your yoyos get stolen?

all in the same location unattended I would presume.

If I am correct the old Northstars where particularly infamous for cracking. You should contact YYF when you have a problem they usually are completely cool helping get your problems fixed.

Almost a year ago, I once bought a dv888 that played perfect the first day. But the next day, it was responsive no matter what bearing I used (tight bearing seat maybe).

Never had a northstar crack, though.

I’ve had two Northstar crack, but not from hitting the ground.

Never played a Dv888.

I received a DV888 as a gift from a family member and it had a pretty nasty vibe out of the box. YYF replaced it though with no issue. I have heard of Northstars having issues with cracks but I’ve never thrown one myself.

Out of the 3 northstars I have had none of them craked (and I am getting a 4th in a trade soon). I have not owned a dv888 but I have played one for about a month (at a friends house) but that was just one dv888.

I put them in my locker and some kid busted my locker door open when most of our school was outside :-[ i had a KK in the Genesis to :-\

I have a dv888, and when I throw it right, its nice and smooth.

Similarly, my Northstar has taken a fair amount of abuse and is 100% intact. Both were bought last year. The dv888 is 2011 model. I think I bought both the Northstar and the dv888 at the same time.

I have an old Northstar and DV888 and no problems so far.

I’m careful not to over tighten or leave the Northstar in the sun.